Monday, 24 August 2015

THREE by Table Concepts (Seiro, Zakka, French Table)

Seletar Mall is conveniently just a few bus stops away from my residence, but sadly, I have only visited it twice.

Seletar Mall is not a huge mall to start with, but it has basically the essential stores, such as pharmacy, eateries, basic apparels shopping, and not to forget mentioning the cinema! It's like finally a cinema around the Sengkang/Punggol area, and this could be the advantage Seletar Mall can get over Compass Point Shopping Centre.

It has quite a number of eateries, but decided to head for THREE by Table Concepts, as it looks pretty promising in serving some decent food and I'm quite interested to know what kind of menu they could serve by combining three different cuisines (Japanese Casual Dining, Modern Thai, French Bistro) into one.

Monday, 17 August 2015

ilLido Italian Dining

ilLido is one of the place you should consider in bringing your loved one for a fabulous meal, be it lunch or dinner. Classy interior and breathtaking sea view for the outdoor seats, it's sure to set a lovely ambiance and feeling relaxed while enjoying the serene environment. Housed beside the Sentosa Golf Club, it's probably just 5-10 minutes' drive from the Sentosa Gateway, considering several speed cameras along the way.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Poison Ivy Bistro ~ Bollywood Veggies

If you are looking for a farm-side eatery and only thought of only going overseas to enjoy such, you might be wrong. Somewhere in the West side of Singapore, somewhere near to the infamous abandoned HDB estate, and again somewhere where it's like a countryside with abundant of greenery and seems lack of modern infrastructure, Poison Ivy Bistro is the place.