Wednesday, 28 November 2012

8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro ~ 八度空间 ~

八度空间 (Ba Du Kong Jian), to most Chinese-pop fans, can easily relate to Jay Chou, Zhou Jie Lun. As true as it seems, the theme of this bistro that is located in a small corner along Serangoon road, is very much related to Jay Chou.

But first of all, let's see what this bistro has to offer us.

Of couse, what else can you expect other than a list of mouth-watering Taiwanese delicacies?! I have been to Taiwan before, and I can never forget waking up early in the morning & kick-start our day with a feast of Taiwan street-food! Although the items in the menu is kind of limited, but it's not hard to fill your stomach to its brim. Together with its narrow variety of side dishes, it is still able to satisfy late-night supper craves for Taiwanese delights.

奶茶 (Milk Tea) is not be missed. On the left is the usual Bubble Tea with mini pearls, and followed by Grass Jelly Milk Tea. Basically is grass jelly pudding poured over with milk tea in the cup. Would like to try other milk teas in the future, such as the Rose Milk Tea.

鲁肉饭 (Stewed Pork Belly Rice) is nothing new to Taiwan Delight's diners. 8 Degree's stewed pork belly rice is different from those we usually had in outside stores, as it has it's own set of cooking style. The meat is stewed to those soft, mushy texture, which suits my taste. But there isn't much sauce, thus, it is kind of dry.

猪肠粉 (Home-made X.O sauce wok fried Chee Cheong Fun) is one of my favorite dish out of all I had ordered. There isn't any filling such as char siew, or shrimp, but it was being fried with eggs, and that little bit of x.o sauce does make a difference to the bland appearance of this dish.

Next up, 面线 (Mee Sua). Much to many dismays, this is not Oyster Mee Sua, as I'm not a fan of oysters. Even if I'm ordering Oyster Omelette, I would prefer to consume majority of the fish paste & egg. Well, this mee sua is not up to my expectation. The taste is very different from Shilin stall. In other words, I actually prefer Shilin's mee sua. There is just this taste that is indescribable, yet in my opinion, is not as good as the latter.

盐酥鸡 (Salted Cripsy Chicken) is my 2nd favorite dish in queue. On the bad side, it is not as salty as the name describes, but on the good side, the meat is nicely fried to the extent that it is not hard nor oily.

On my next visit, I would like to try their Taiwanese sausage, shrimp omelette, century egg porridge, etc.

Moving on, fans of Jay Chou would be happy to visit this bistro. They have their walls hanged with posters of Jay Chou, and much to my liking, they are also playing his songs, at least throughout my whole dining period. It has been a long time since I last listened to his songs, and upon hearing it, I still find it ear-soothing!

One of his picture in the menu list.

Interior of the bistro. Not a spacious bistro, but still comfortable enough for a simple dining experience.

8 Degree Taiwanese Bistro

37 Teck Chye Terrace
Singapore 545734

Tel: (65) 6284 8226

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 0000 hours
Fri - Sat: 1200 - 0200 hours

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