Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fullhouse {CLOSED}

As far as we all know, 'Fullhouse' is quite popular over in our neighboring country, Malaysia. There was quite a hype going on when news has gotten to us they will be opening a flagship cafe in Singapore!

Well, I agree I'm kinda late in visiting this nice, cheery cafe. But, better to be late than never.

Before heading to 'Fullhouse', I had myself checked out some reviews by others. It seems that mostly gave thumbs up for the cafe environment, theme, and cosyness. On the other hand, little was given to the food. Hence, it intrigued me to try it out, and see whether my tastebud agrees with the others!

The cafe wasn't hard to find, due to its colorful mini cooper model car parked in their "car porch". Walked in, and realized it's just a shell?? Further realized it's located at level 2. Perhaps more directions can be shown to customers like me? :P

Service was not bad, and the lighting and environment suits the likes of mine. Food variety wasn't that wide though.

Ordered Forest Mushroom Soup for starter. They have clam chowder and soup of the day for options, but mushroom soup is always my main choice.  With almonds topping on it, it doesn't really mixes well with the soup. But the soup itself is kinda thick, and hence, I enjoyed it quite well.

On the left is Honeydew Milkshake, and of course, on the right is Mango + Grape topped with green apple jelly. In my opinion, I think honeydew milkshake is too bland and milky. But I love the Mango &Grape! The sweetness is just nice, and the fruitiness of both fruits literally flew down my throat smoothly :)

Had Sauteed Smoked Chicken Sausage with BBQ Glazed. I was quite disappointed with this side, as I am expecting those usual English-sausage;rather than these, hotdogs look-alike.

I liked how the mashed potato curls inwards, when my fork sliced through it.

Pan-Sear Dory fish with siew pak choy, sauteed shitake mushroom; lemon grass cream... I find the sauce too creamy to my liking, and the vegetable was overcooked. Luckily, the dory fish was neither overcooked nor stale.

Wok-Sear Chicken Chop with grilled chicken thigh served with mashed potato, daily vegetable & black raisin jus. As usual, the vegetable wasn't as nutritious as it should be. The grilled chicken thigh merely passed. Though I like raisins, but I can't find any way to get my raisins to mix well with the chicken.

Food overall was not that awesome, but as mentioned earlier, the decor was nicely done. It seems a nice place to have some feminine outing, kid's birthday parties, etc. Some pics for illustration.

Fullhouse Singapore

9 Bras Basah Road
#01-04 & #02-02/3 Rendezvous Gallery
Singapore 189559

Tel: (65) 6336 6328

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 1500 hours
                   1730 - 2130 hours

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