Saturday, 15 December 2012

Jewel Coffee

Lunch Break? Coffee Break?

I never had a clear glance on what the cafes along Shenton Way has to offer, except knowing that there is a air-conditioned food court on the 2nd floor of Asia Square.

Decided to give these cafes a chance, and found that Jewel Coffee turns out to be the winner. A small cafe to speak, with coffee, sandwiches, pasta, american breakfast, etc. to offer. Sounds nothing special, but it seems that their coffee is a must-try item.

Christmas is just round the corner, and Jewel Coffee does not want to be left out hoping Santas Claus will pay them a visit!

Let's start munching...

Mushroom Medley ($10.80) amazingly has a generous amount of a variety of mushrooms, served with Aglio Olio sauce and shaved parmesan. Of all pastas that I have eaten, this does not reverse my appetite, in the bad way. The sauce mixes well with the linguine, and definitely a must try for pasta lovers.

Ribeye Hero ($11.90) does not make you a hero, but a "head-nodder". Consisting of ribeye steak in slices, cheese, and mushrooms in between panini bread, I have to agree that  it's nice! Slices of ribeye steak soft, yet dainty, and bread is toasted hot to add on.

Fries with Sweet Aioli ($6). Every single french fries are mushy in the inside, and none are over-fried till its hard and cripsy like a few sticks of those you find in MacDonald. Not forgetting its sweet aioli sauce, each of my fries have to be dipped with a thick layer!

Here comes their signature drinks, coffee. I ordered 'The Gibraltar' ($5.50), which comes in a small shot with nice patterning on it. On closer look, the sweet aroma of the coffee happily find its way to my nostrils. But one sip of it, becomes a challenge to finish it. Probably ordered one that wasn't my type, as it was too bitter, simply like it's without sugar or milk, or any other sweetener. Must try for extreme awake-ness!

Here goes the on-wall menu for overview of what other pleasing food they have for your taste buds!

Like to have a cup of their coffee back at your own comfy couch? They have thought of it.

If you are waiting for a friend nearby, or do not know what to have for your meals, Jewel Cafe is worth your time and money, despite its little pricey tags.

Jewel Coffee

1 Shenton Way
Singapore 068803

Tel: (65) 6636 9452

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0700 - 2000 hours
Sat: 0800 - 1700 hours


  1. Hi!

    I stumbled on your blog by chance and I really like it. U take really good photos. Please keep it going! =)

    Ms C

    1. Hi Ms C, thank you for your compliment :) Hopefully will be able to keep on publishing nice photos and reviews!