Sunday, 9 December 2012

Medan Town

What you see, is not what it seems to be.

Probably a great delight to our Indonesian friends in Singapore! If you are wondering where on earth could you find another authentic Indonesian cuisine in this small red dot drawn on the map, Medan Town is where it is.

A Medanese couple decided to establish a restaurant in Singapore, to satisfy the desires of Indonesians who are craving for their home food, especially Medanese food! Not a bad idea for us, locals as well, to be able to try out Medanese cuisine without flying out.

Soto Medan ($5.50) consists of Medanese Chicken broth with coconut milk. I find the broth too milky, but other than the broth, there is nothing much to complain about. You may choose between rice or noodle to go along.

Kwetiauw Bebek ($5.80) is being prepared with ingredients such as what we locals called it, Kway Teow, with layers of slow-cooked duck, sprinkled with fried garlic and spring onion, and served with duck herbal soup. I personally preferred this main to the former dish. Herbal taste is not overwhelming, and the clear soup is neither too sweet nor bitter. Kway Teow itself is easy to bite through, and the duck meat is of course, soft, with the herbal soup being absorbed into the meat. My favorite main! - Medan Town's recommended dish is their duck noodles.

My favorite side dish, Rendang Ayam ($4.50). Not a very spicy dish, but well-cooked. Chicken meat was not overcooked, and the sweet sauce compliments well with the chicken.

Chai Tau Kue ($1.50) is similar to our carrot cake. Instead of being in cubes, they served it like hashbrown-lookalike, but with the radish cake being mashed and fried in one whole piece. My first bite into it, find it too oily, and does not have the chewy feeling. It kind of stuck to your teeth as you bite in.

Fried Marinated Chicken Wing ($3.80) may not look appetizing like those barbecued ones, but as a saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover. Chicken wing is well marinated, wings are not overcooked, and neither is it oily. Looks a normal dish, but with a small surprise.

Potato Sambal Balado ($3.00) is a little spicy dish. Fried diced potatoes with chilli and tomato sauce. Topped with keropok look-alike, but less crispy. For your information, balado is Indonesia's famous chilli sauce, as it can be mixed well with almost any dish. Needless to say how much I like this dish too!

Klepon ($2.50) is the traditional boiled rice cake, stuffed with palm sugar and rolled in grated coconut. It looks exactly like those snacks, mostly sold by our Malay friends isn't it? I would say it tasted rather average. I prefer the palm sugar to ooze out, as their Klepon's palm sugar is rather sticky type. Otherwise, this whole snack would be expected with a much higher rating.

Es Campur Medan ($3.50) is Indonesian's style of Ice Kacang. It is prepared with authentic medanese shaved ice, served with a mix of red beans, grass jelly, fermented tapioca, atap seeds and coconut milk. Personally, I think it too sweet, and the atap seeds are too big and soggy. I merely had a few spoons, and decided to stop. Basically, its still 3/4 full when we left the table. Had a similar dessert in Bali before, and I liked it quite a lot.

On the left is Kietna - Original tangy Medanese Orange Drink ($2.20), and Barley ($1.50). As I found out, Kietna is a common drink in Medan, and is being boiled from a mixutre of items like sour palms and calamansi rind, and can only be served after being chilled for several days, in order for the flavors to blend. Highly-recommended drink!

Food is being served relatively fast. If you like, you may also purchase their toppings, ready-packed by the counter!

Medan Town is located in Tanjong Katong, and is just located behind a bus stop. Restaurant is decorated with photos of Medan in Indonesia, and their staffs are friendly too. Ordering of food is via self-ordering on a piece of order menu, and to be passed to the counter staff for payment and food preparation.

Overall, Indonesians who misses their home-food, Medan Town is still a worthy place to visit. Prepared by true Medanese couple, I believe there is nothing to be doubtful of.

Medan Town

253 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437041

Tel: (65) 6348 9227

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 1100 - 2300 hours


  1. Hmmm all i know bakmie medan is good thats all. Lol bring me there someday

    1. Probably there bakmie medan, but in another name, in the menu.