Monday, 3 December 2012

Mongkok Dim Sum

Dim Sum (点心) is nothing unusual among the Chinese. A sudden curiosity sent me "googling" how dim sum comes about.

I am not a big fan of dim sum, such as craving for dim sum every now and then. But once awhile, having dim sum in the late afternoon, does improves my mood. Had wanted to go Swee Choon, located along Jalan Besar, but because they are closed during the day, thus, Mongkok Dim Sum became my alternative, and I didn't regret it!

Situated at the corner of Lorong 8, it isn't difficult to locate. Run-down it may seems, unlike Fortunate Restaurant, Red Star Restaurant, Yum Cha, etc. this place does not lose to the formers.

Seeing these columns of steamer baskets, I had a sudden urge to just order every item off its menu. Sadly, both my stomach & wallet doesn't seems to share a common understanding with my brain...

One of the common item we will see at majority tables, House Special Prawn Dumpling ($3.20). Owner isn't stingy with his ingredients, and thus almost every bite into it, you will be munching on the prawn!

Mongkok Pork Dumpling ($3.20), which can also be known as "Siew Mai (烧卖)", is different from those we had outside. Probably because the ingredients are fresh, easy to sink your teeth into, and is chewy with each bite.

Pan-fried Carrot Cake ($3.20) is one of my all time favorite! I can simply have my breakfast with couple of these carrot cakes, and I'm rather satisfied! Rather crispy outer, and soft inner fillings. Nothing more I can ask for!

One thing I don't took a liking for this Mongkok Egg Tart ($3.20) is it's thick crust. But the custard is super smooth and soft. With a lingering taste of sweetness, I could ask for more!

I ordered Shredded Mango with Shrimp ($3.20), because I love mangos, and it has been some time back since I last had a dish like this. But it was kind of disappointing. The shrimp stays chewy as before, but the sweetness of the mango wasn't brought out.

As simple as it's being called, Paper Wrapped Curry Chicken ($3.20) doesn't have any "wow" factor in it. Basically, curry chicken wrapped with crust. It started to taste a little spicy towards the end, but definitely not a fave dish among curry chicken lovers.

Their Prawn Paste Chicken Wing ($4.00) is juicy, yet not oily. Probably what one would go for.

My favorite photo, but not my ideal dish... Cheese Mini Bun ($3.20) is what it is called. I was expecting some melting cheese in the bun as well, probably something like custard buns? But to my dismay, it simply tasted like a plain bun with a small slice of cheese as topping and sent in for steaming.

In this dish, you will be able to find century egg, chicken egg, and salted egg. Thus, it is called 3 Yolk Crab Porridge ($8), which of course, does not exclude chunks of crab meat in it. Possibly the reason why it costs $8? I especially love this porridge, as the crab meat is fresh and they threw it in, in big chunks. Mixing the porridge well with all 4 ingredients (3 eggs & crab meat), this porridge does send my tongue asking for more.

But of course, if you are more to the conservative side, you might want to try out the other porridges, such as frog/beef/chicken/prawn/sliced fish/pork offal porridge.

Had ordered this 3 Colored Milk Tea. Presentation seems ok, but the initial taste was a bit off my expectation. It tasted weird, but subsequent sips, I actually started to like the taste of it. For people who does not have sweet tooth, perhaps you might want to give this drink a miss.

Take a look at its extensive menu! Hopefully it sends the dim sum "bomb" in your stomach ticking off!

If you ever crave for dim sum, and has yet to try Mongkok Dim Sum, I strongly recommend a visit!

They also have a branch located along East Coast Road. Ever wondered where to have a nice dim sum after a morning run?

Mongkok Dim Sum

214 Geylang Lorong 8
Singapore 389274

Tel: (65) 6841 5133

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1600 - 0500 hours
Sat - Sun: 1000 - 0500 hours

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