Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vietnam, Hanoi - Yin & Yang Restaurant & Lounge

Went to Vietnam and back before Christmas. Overall, was quite a boring trip as there's so much of waiting, rather than a packed itinerary. Futhermore, it was a family tour trip, which I preferred to be a free and easy as I get to plan my own itinerary and visit places at my own pace. I will post some random food and scenic photos soon.

Out of all the meals I have eaten during that past few days in Vietnam, there is one restaurant that I strongly recommend, and was not included in the tour package. All the dishes are of our taste, and each of us like it a lot, as compared to other meals we had.

It was kind of them to describe to their patrons on the meaning behind their name and influences on their dishes. I believe it enable their patrons to appreciate more with each dish.

Autume costs 75,000 VND ($4.40). It is like blending several fruits together which I can't really remember, but it consists of strawberry, and probably banana too. It's not too sweet, and quite refreshing!

Eggplant baked on grease costs 48,000 VND ($2.80). I do consume eggplants occasionally, and I think they had cooked it in a way that it is not too soft, and juicy too.

Spicy Cabbage stir-fry costs 38,000 VND ($2.30). Stir-fried cabbage, with a tad mild of spiciness, crunchy, and sauce is nice to go with rice.

Chicken with Cashewnut costs 97,000 VND ($5.70).

Grilled Chicken with Five Spices costs 125,000 VND ($7.40). Nicely-grilled chicken with sesame seeds, and has to be dipped with the accompanied sauce to maximise its flavor!

Grilled Pork vs Leaves costs 95,000 VND ($5.60). Similar to Grilled Chicken with Five Spices, sauce is a must-go with the grilled pork. Forget about the basil leaves, be it grilled or raw, if you are not a fan of it.

Snapper vs Black Pepper costs 128,000 VND ($7.50). This dish is not too peppery, and fish is soft yet does not fall apart when being picked up. Sauce is great to go along with rice too.

Prawns vs Salted Egg costs 115,000 VND ($6.80). Prawn's shell is crunchy enough to stomach down, and prawn itself is bouncy.

Eggplant with Minced Pork and Tofu costs 75,000 VND ($4.40). If their basil leaves are not included in this soup dish, I would have enjoyed it even more! Thick soup, and eggplant is soft to chew along, opposing the above Eggplant baked on grease, which is a dry dish.

Restaurant itself is not very spacious, but staffs are friendly. Probably because we had an early dinner, but the staffs are attentive whenever we need their service. They do also provide tour activities, which serves a great purpose to have a sumptuous meal, and having them to arrange a planned trip to the nearby scenic places and activities for your remaining days in Hanoi.

Yin Yang Restaurant &Lounge

78 Mã Mây Street
Hoàn Kiếm District
Hanoi City
Vietnam 10000

Tel: (84) 04 3935 2349

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0900 - 2230 hours

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