Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sou's Noodle Restaurant

A deal that is currently whizzing through the voucher sites hysterically. Sou's Noodle is having numerous deals such as Steamboat Set Meals, Superior Seafood Steamboat Buffet, etc. Fortunately, I had gotten the Steamboat plus Dim Sum buffet, which is supposing one of most affordable meal of all the other Sou's Noodle deals.

It is available during the weekdays and weekends, depending on the voucher you bought. It is definitely a must to make a reservation beforehand, due to overwhelming response from the deal sites.

Located in the heart of Changi Business Park, it took some walking distance and navigation to get there if you are not familiar with the area. A 3-5 minutes walk from Singapore Expo as indicated by them, took me probably 15 minutes to locate them.

They do not have a wide variety of steamboat and dim sum dishes, but still able to get you ordering and filling up your stomach. All their drinks are priced at $1.90/can, and asking for a cup of ice water costs $0.50/cup. Well, $0.50 may sounds a bit too much for ice water, but at least they uses boiled/mineral water and not tap water to serve their customers. I have to applaud them for this point.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

BonChon Chicken

Located in the renovated Illuma to Bugis+, this restaurant is holding a bit of the craze there! Being situated in an open concept area, they are famous for none other than their fried chicken.

Now, let's see what has been served to my tummy...

Takoyaki ($6.90) for 6 pieces. Probably not the best, but I still like their takoyaki as their flour is not dominating the octopus, which is then the main ingredient. This dish came red-hot to my table, and I do enjoy it.

Volcano Maki ($8.90) is sushi with ebi, salmon, cheese & spicy mayo. I am not a salmon lover, but this sushi does not "irks" my taste bud at all. I like how it tasted spicy and cheesy!

I think the name really suits the sushi. The melting cheese flowing from the top to the bottom seems like lava flow, and cooling lava which can also be represented by mayonnaise, simply looks like an erupting volcano! Ever want to conquer a live volcano? BonChon might be able to satisfy your life-goal dream...

Monday, 21 January 2013

Ogopogo Cafe

I believe majority knows that places like Arab Street houses a variety of exotic restaurants. Prices may range from average to expensive, but food quality would be of some standard.

Had actually wanted to try out Vintage Delicafe along Bussorah Street, but was put-off by the long queue, and they do not entertain any reservations. Not intending to "upgrade" to extreme starvation mode, we switched to this small interesting café at the other end of the street.

Starting from the left is Ice Latte ($4.50), Aqua Bubbles ($6.90), and Tangerine Sunset ($6.90). Latte is one of their specialty, so if you are a latter lover, you might not want to miss this!

Aqua Bubbles contains some passionfruit & a dash of curacao. While Tangerine Sunset has some passionfruit & grapefruit, topped with orange. Both drinks are refreshing drinks, but I prefer Tangerine Sunset more, as it is sweeter than Aqua Bubbles. Well, I chose Aqua Bubbles as my drink because I thought since I am a diver myself, might as well drink something related? Nevertheless, it's not a bad drink. I liked it as much too!

Deep fried Calamari ($9.00) is not bad. Their squids are a little bouncy and crispy. You may bypass the mayonnaise and straight into your mouth if you do not like it to be dipped with your calamari.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Vietnam - Random food

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To be honest, my trip to Vietnam wasn't as fruitful as I had expected. In my mind, I was expecting some weird food stuff all over the streets, but it wasn't as impressive as I thought it should be.

Of course, there are one or two that we don't get to see back here, and it's also my curiosity that makes my tongue wag! Whenever I see food that I have never seen before, or something that we have back here, but is having a long queue or large group of people gathering around that stall, no doubt you will see my wallet flying out of my pocket.

A gentle note. Prices are not stated here because food is extremely cheap in Vietnam. Thus, not worth mentioning at all, as a bowl of noodle can only costs around 1.50 SGD.

We have no idea why, but it seems that the most Vietnam clams are "infertile"? We saw more shells than meat in all our clam dish. Or perhaps we are that unfortunate to have gotten those empty shells that the clam has left behind...

This is a common dish in Vietnam. Every restaurant I went to, and on the streets, people are selling this. To me, it seems to be vegetable springrolls, and what we normally termed as "popiah". It is different from the ones we have in Singapore, thus, I can only conclude that the vegetable they used is not to my liking.

One of my favourite food in Vietnam, Seafood Noodles! The reason is because it tasted like maggie mee stirred with butter, and it indeed is delicious! Kind of craving for this every now and then.. Probably I should try it at home?!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Flock Cafe

What seems to be an old estate, is gradually having cafes being injected, probably to revive its liveliness.

Flock Café is one of the new settlers in Tiong Bahru since a few months back, and I am glad that I have taken a visit to this little friendly café.

San Pellegrino ($4.50) comes in several flavors, and as far as I can remember, there are sparkling, and limonata, which is the one I had above. My first taste of this drink doesn't leaves me a nice aftertaste. But with ever sip I took, I slowly grew to love it. Not to worry, it is not as sour as you think it might be, although we are seeing two lemons in the picture.

Ice Latte ($4.80). Staff is kind to suggest to leave the sugar aside when we were unable to decide if we needed sugar to add on to the drink. Sweet aftertaste even without the sugar!

Prawn, Avocado & Lemon Mayo ($12.90). When this plate of sandwich came, I doubted this could satisfy my hunger. Prawns are big, fresh, and crunchy, and lemon mayo simply made a very slight sour taste to the whole sandwich. Wasn't sure if I like avocado, but I had it cleaned from my whole plate, down my throat. Amazingly, I was full and happy with this dish!

This dish came with cherry tomatoes, which I initially thought it's mini sausages. But I left it untouched as I'm a non-tomato supporter.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Ice Edge Cafe

Found this place while doing a sudden search for lunch around the area I am, at then.

A plaza located out of nowhere in the middle of the private estate. Perhaps to attract more patrons, it has a current promotion of 1 for 1 lunch! It seems to have such similar promotion before, as it is back by popular demand.

Arrabiata Spaghetti with sliced bacon ($13.80) came piping hot. It is not creamy, and spaghetti is chewy as it should be. I ordered the non-spicy version due to my throat. Otherwise, I would not have gave the spicy version a miss!

Double Pork Chop with mushroom sauce ($14.80) tasted just fine. Pork chop is bouncy with each bite, and the sauce is well-mixed to go with the meat. Seems like mashed potato, to my surprise, turns out to be potato gratin.

For dessert, ordered 2 Classic scoops in large cup ($4.90). Had flavors of Cookies and Cream, and Mango Passion fruit. Like cookies and cream a lot, but mango passion fruit is too sweet and a tad of sourness in it. Looks like someone had a bad combination...

Some nice presentations of their ice creams. They have other flavors as well, such as Bailey, Mao San Wang (Durian), Champagne Vanilla, Bak Kwa, etc. and I would like to try them out on my next visit.

It seems to me that Ice Edge Café is popular for its ice cream. So do leave some stomach space for dessert if you happen to drop by or having your meals there!

Ice Edge Cafe

2 Kovan Road
#01-10 Simon Plaza
Singapore 548008

Tel: (65) 6858 5729

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 0000 hours

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Vietnam, Hanoi - Yin & Yang Restaurant & Lounge

Went to Vietnam and back before Christmas. Overall, was quite a boring trip as there's so much of waiting, rather than a packed itinerary. Futhermore, it was a family tour trip, which I preferred to be a free and easy as I get to plan my own itinerary and visit places at my own pace. I will post some random food and scenic photos soon.

Out of all the meals I have eaten during that past few days in Vietnam, there is one restaurant that I strongly recommend, and was not included in the tour package. All the dishes are of our taste, and each of us like it a lot, as compared to other meals we had.

It was kind of them to describe to their patrons on the meaning behind their name and influences on their dishes. I believe it enable their patrons to appreciate more with each dish.

Autume costs 75,000 VND ($4.40). It is like blending several fruits together which I can't really remember, but it consists of strawberry, and probably banana too. It's not too sweet, and quite refreshing!