Thursday, 24 January 2013

BonChon Chicken

Located in the renovated Illuma to Bugis+, this restaurant is holding a bit of the craze there! Being situated in an open concept area, they are famous for none other than their fried chicken.

Now, let's see what has been served to my tummy...

Takoyaki ($6.90) for 6 pieces. Probably not the best, but I still like their takoyaki as their flour is not dominating the octopus, which is then the main ingredient. This dish came red-hot to my table, and I do enjoy it.

Volcano Maki ($8.90) is sushi with ebi, salmon, cheese & spicy mayo. I am not a salmon lover, but this sushi does not "irks" my taste bud at all. I like how it tasted spicy and cheesy!

I think the name really suits the sushi. The melting cheese flowing from the top to the bottom seems like lava flow, and cooling lava which can also be represented by mayonnaise, simply looks like an erupting volcano! Ever want to conquer a live volcano? BonChon might be able to satisfy your life-goal dream...

Ordered their famous item, fried chicken. 4 pieces wings ($5.90) that also entitled you to choose to have either soy sauce, or spicy sauce, or a mixture of both if you ordered 8 pieces/12 pieces. Their chicken skin is crunchy, and meat is soft and tender. I had the spicy sauce, and I think its a great choice.

They also have the combo "package", which consists of both wings & drums that comes in 3 sizes too. Choosing this option gives you extra entitlements to select sides for free, if you ordered the medium and large size, in 6 wings & 2 drums, and 10 wings & 4 drums respectively. In my opinion, it's ok if I give the sides a miss and go for ala carte, but their options is pretty limited to only 4, such as steamed rice, radish, kimchi/coleslaw, and edamame?

Their bar counter where they prepare the beverages and food behind the counter. Quite an interesting and classy bar counter, I must say.

Now you know why they are famous for their fried chicken... I think this is a great idea to knowledge your customers to know more about your company and food concept. It may not interest some, but doesn't mean its not necessary.

BonChon Chicken, Singapore

201 Victoria Street
#01-11 Bugis+ Mall
Singapore 188067

Tel: (65) 6884 4768

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 2300 hours

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