Monday, 7 January 2013

Ice Edge Cafe

Found this place while doing a sudden search for lunch around the area I am, at then.

A plaza located out of nowhere in the middle of the private estate. Perhaps to attract more patrons, it has a current promotion of 1 for 1 lunch! It seems to have such similar promotion before, as it is back by popular demand.

Arrabiata Spaghetti with sliced bacon ($13.80) came piping hot. It is not creamy, and spaghetti is chewy as it should be. I ordered the non-spicy version due to my throat. Otherwise, I would not have gave the spicy version a miss!

Double Pork Chop with mushroom sauce ($14.80) tasted just fine. Pork chop is bouncy with each bite, and the sauce is well-mixed to go with the meat. Seems like mashed potato, to my surprise, turns out to be potato gratin.

For dessert, ordered 2 Classic scoops in large cup ($4.90). Had flavors of Cookies and Cream, and Mango Passion fruit. Like cookies and cream a lot, but mango passion fruit is too sweet and a tad of sourness in it. Looks like someone had a bad combination...

Some nice presentations of their ice creams. They have other flavors as well, such as Bailey, Mao San Wang (Durian), Champagne Vanilla, Bak Kwa, etc. and I would like to try them out on my next visit.

It seems to me that Ice Edge Café is popular for its ice cream. So do leave some stomach space for dessert if you happen to drop by or having your meals there!

Ice Edge Cafe

2 Kovan Road
#01-10 Simon Plaza
Singapore 548008

Tel: (65) 6858 5729

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 0000 hours

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