Monday, 21 January 2013

Ogopogo Cafe

I believe majority knows that places like Arab Street houses a variety of exotic restaurants. Prices may range from average to expensive, but food quality would be of some standard.

Had actually wanted to try out Vintage Delicafe along Bussorah Street, but was put-off by the long queue, and they do not entertain any reservations. Not intending to "upgrade" to extreme starvation mode, we switched to this small interesting café at the other end of the street.

Starting from the left is Ice Latte ($4.50), Aqua Bubbles ($6.90), and Tangerine Sunset ($6.90). Latte is one of their specialty, so if you are a latter lover, you might not want to miss this!

Aqua Bubbles contains some passionfruit & a dash of curacao. While Tangerine Sunset has some passionfruit & grapefruit, topped with orange. Both drinks are refreshing drinks, but I prefer Tangerine Sunset more, as it is sweeter than Aqua Bubbles. Well, I chose Aqua Bubbles as my drink because I thought since I am a diver myself, might as well drink something related? Nevertheless, it's not a bad drink. I liked it as much too!

Deep fried Calamari ($9.00) is not bad. Their squids are a little bouncy and crispy. You may bypass the mayonnaise and straight into your mouth if you do not like it to be dipped with your calamari.

Zesty Chicken Lover ($13.90) is being prepared with the zesty sensation of sautéed garlic, chilli, and olive oil served with succulent chicken meat. It is more to a dry pasta type, and is suitable for those who are not into creamy pastas. Pasta is well-cooked, chicken bits are soft and firm.

Sunny Side Up! ($15.90) has beef pepperoni served with delicious carbonara sauce, and topped off with an unprepared egg yolk. This is the first time I tried pasta with raw egg yolk on it. Seems weird, but when mixed with the carbonara sauce, it makes the whole pasta gooey and tasty! Drinkers who likes to add raw egg to their stout, probably you might want to give it a go... Beef pepperoni is flavory, and goes well with the creamy sauce too.

Quack Doctor ($11.90) is succulent black pepper smoked duck (with skin on for extra oomph), and served with a hint of pesto, grainy mustard and fresh greens. You can also choose different types of bread to go along, and I am glad to have selected the croissant! Their croissant is fluffy and it makes my whole meal very easy to consume, rather than tiring from all the hard chewing... Duck meat is soft, and not overcooked. Just the type I favored!

Hummus Shawarma ($15.00) is served with pita bread, chickpea, and a selection of lamb, beef or chicken. We had the lamb though. I do not have any collection of having tasted the chickpea before, but I do like it a lot. It is pleasant when the chickpea is being spread on the pita bread and lamb. But I found the taste of chickpea to have become saltier with every scoop I had, which I didn't feel so during the initial taste.

I am fascinated by this piece of paper titled "Are You Game?". Looking at the weird names they have given for their drinks, I highly anticipated it to have an extraordinary taste, or something unexpected than their other drinks. For this, I chose......

Graveyard Shift ($6.90) containing passionfruit, curacao, grenadine & soda. I was quite disappointed when it came, as it seems no difference from the previous drinks we had... Except for the color. Still holding on to a little faith, I stirred and took on the first sip. Sorry, I have to say I am thoroughly disappointed. Probably I should have tried the Witch's Sin, which seems more special.

Had another go at their drinks, alcoholic beverages. Pear Cider ($12.90) does not have high alcoholic level, and tasted more like a fruity drink. Probably a drink suitable for beginners, and it does reminds me of "Jolly Shandy"!

Enough of their food. Let's take a look around this café.

I liked how they wrote "Chope Liao!" on this small wooden cube. On the other side of the cube, it actually state your table number, in the design of dominoes.

Any camera whores? You are definitely welcomed here!

My favourite childhood character, Chucky! Even though I'm scared of Chucky, I always ran to catch "his" show on TV all the time, when I was a child. But I'm not one who will buy Chucky home as my toy to play with, still...

Beer with some old school tidbits. Servings for anyone?

Didn't ordered any of their cakes, but ain't their names interesting? "Everyday - I'm - TRUFFLEing!"

One very special feature in this café is that they collaborate with other neighbouring restaurants to serve Ogopogo customers with other food, such as Italian, Middle Eastern food, etc. An interesting way to attract more customers!

Ogopogo Cafe

73 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199486

Tel: (65) 6295 1339

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 0300 hours

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