Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sou's Noodle Restaurant

A deal that is currently whizzing through the voucher sites hysterically. Sou's Noodle is having numerous deals such as Steamboat Set Meals, Superior Seafood Steamboat Buffet, etc. Fortunately, I had gotten the Steamboat plus Dim Sum buffet, which is supposing one of most affordable meal of all the other Sou's Noodle deals.

It is available during the weekdays and weekends, depending on the voucher you bought. It is definitely a must to make a reservation beforehand, due to overwhelming response from the deal sites.

Located in the heart of Changi Business Park, it took some walking distance and navigation to get there if you are not familiar with the area. A 3-5 minutes walk from Singapore Expo as indicated by them, took me probably 15 minutes to locate them.

They do not have a wide variety of steamboat and dim sum dishes, but still able to get you ordering and filling up your stomach. All their drinks are priced at $1.90/can, and asking for a cup of ice water costs $0.50/cup. Well, $0.50 may sounds a bit too much for ice water, but at least they uses boiled/mineral water and not tap water to serve their customers. I have to applaud them for this point.

They have 3 types of soup base, mainly Chicken Soup, Tom Yum Soup, and a unique Satay Soup. I chose the Chicken Soup as I'm starving, and this seems to be the safest choice at that moment.

One of the ala carte dishes we have ordered.

Ala carte Dim Sums. Sadly, they do not come in traditional steamer baskets, and basically dump the dim sums we ordered onto a plate. Some are piping hot, while some are not. There was really nothing to commend on their dim sums, furthermore, it was neither fresh nor tasty.

On the right is their Custard Buns. Upon opening up, I see only a small spoonful of filling, and with liquid in it, probably the leftover butter. Apparently, it wasn't well cooked.

Hong Kong Style Wanton Noodle. Their noodle wasn't chewy, yet seems to be the only dish that is worth high rating, in my opinion.

Well, they are called Sou's Noodle, which means their signature dish should be related to noodles?

They called this the 龙须球 (Dragon Beard Ball?). It's actually some crab meat ball, and covered with fried noodle, perhaps?

Egg Tarts. Apparently, I saw them using a mini toaster to re-bake the egg tarts. Needless to say, the top layer of the egg custard is rubbery, and the outer tart is a little crispy, yet soggy too.

Small open-concept kitchen, where they prepare their dishes.

They also have a discount for set meals, which I think is more for the office workers during the weekdays. I believe they head for the small profits but high turnover method. Looking at Set B, it costs $8.90++. The menu in their set meals looks appetizing, and cheap for a 3-course meal. I might give it a try someday.

Sou's Noodle main highlights are "No MSG, Alkaline, Articial Coloring". Although they claimed to serve traditional Hong Kong style food, it didn't in any way hinted me this point. Not even a little.

They have very limited seatings, thus calls for a need to reserve seats. Service is rather average, but they do not inform you if ever the food you ordered is out-of-stock. If you asked the crew about it, they will request you to re-order by giving you another piece of the ordering menu. A few times later, I gave up, and directly point to them what happen to my Paper Wrapped Chicken on the menu. Only then, they told me it's out-of-stock.

Otherwise, their serving pace is quite fast, and crew is rather polite in most ways. A place for non-fussy eaters who just crave for steamboat and dim sum combo, and looking for budget eatery in a less crowded place, perchance.

Sou's Noodle

1 Changi Business Park Crescent
#02-17 Plaza 8
Singapore 486025

Tel: (65) 8157 4386

Opening Hours
Mon: 1100 - 1500 hours
Tue - Fri: 1100 - 1500 hours
               1700 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 1100 - 1430 hours
                 1700 - 2200 hours

*Last order for dinner at 2100 hours

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