Monday, 25 February 2013

Boathouse Restaurant

Had a lucky chance to enjoy my Valentine's Day dinner at Boathouse Restaurant this year. We reserved a table for the second seating at 2030 hours, but ended up waiting till 2110 hours due to the raining night and late arrivals of the diners for the first seating. Even so, the crew is polite enough to make conversant with us of the problem, and kindly directed us to Prelude Rooftop Bar while waiting.

Pardon me for the grainy pictures as the outdoor environment is pretty much like candlelight dinner, thus lighting condition is rather bad. Well, I could have used flash, but I wouldn't want to spoil other's dinner with my flash throughout the meals.

In any case, I still like how they laid out their table for diners. Kinda romantic, excluding the narrow gap between tables...

Their Valentine's Day menu comes in 3 course, and what comes as a starter, is obviously not part of the 3 course. But without any extra charges, they placed it on your plate, and may even request for another serving as they walked around with a basket of bread to replenish for diners. And I did, of course. I love their bread and butter!

And here we have the appetizer, which is the first course. Huitre consists of oysters, cauliflower smoothie, and braised leek. Basically soup based, and I quite like the smooth texture of the soup in my mouth. Their oyster is fresh, soft and juicy, unlike those we had in hawker centres, such as oyster omelette.

Canard consists of shredded duck confit, mesclun salad, fine french bean, shallot, and cherry vine tomatoes. I wouldn't say its the best, but probably one of the best few I've tried before. Duck confit is soft and flavory, and their cherry tomatoes are super sweet!

Here's the second course, which is also the main course. Boeuf consists of beef cheek, carrot puree, crispy potato, bone marrow bordelaise sauce. Their beef meat is very soft and chewy. Easy to slice and no worries about making unnecessary cutlery noises. Crispy potato comes in the form of skinny strips, which I wouldn't have knew, without noticing the menu. Not sure about others, but I am not in favor of the sauce, which seems to look like mustard but is not. It tasted weird to me, and doesn't complements well with the beef. Thus, I had the beef without the sauce, and its still equally nice :)

Saumon consists of pan roasted salmon, baby spring roots, sauce tapenade. Skin is a little crispy, and meat is compact and juicy! But then again, I have a problem with their sauce. I simply couldn't pin point out the taste, but it just doesn't goes well with my tastebud...

"Dear Tastebud,

You don't get to enjoy such sauce whenever you feel like it, you know?

Your sincere owner,
Food Esteem"

Finally, the third course, and also the final course as well, desserts. Myrtille consists of blueberry cheesecake, blueberry muffin ice-cream. This is my favorite dessert! Taste of blueberry filled up the whole dessert, and the cheesecake is wholly cheesy and melting in my mouth! I would have asked for another serving if I'm not in such classy dining environment...

Oh, not forgetting the little pink heart to perk up your dining date towards the end :)

Le'Ispahan' consists of rose & lychee tiramisu, raspberry coulis. No doubt, it looks much nicer than Myrtille. But a look around when we left our table, most couples who had the Le'Ispahan' as their dessert, did not finish it up. To me, the taste of rose is a little overwhelming, and I couldn't really enjoy the tiramisu. It's a pity to have such nice looking dessert, dampening the overall taste by the "overdose" of rose syrup?

Probably Boathouse wanted to share a part of their love to their diners during Valentine's Day, each couple was presented with a small heart-shaped gift cookie. It was sweet of them, as this gift is pretty thoughtful... A lady could use it on their male partner as a decree, to hug them, instead of saying it out, which to some could be a little embarrassing. And the male partner could just eat it up upon successful completion =D

The dining experience per couple could have totaled up to $209, and wine pairing would be an additional $32 per pax. You could have easily source out another dining place during Valentine's Day at a much cheaper price, but I think the food is still worthwhile for the price of $209.

3 Fullerton Road
Singapore 049215

Tel: (65) 6538 9038

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1200 - 1400 hours
Mon - Sat: 1800 - 2300 hours

Brunch on Sunday: 1100 - 1500 hours (first Sunday of every month)


  1. wowwwww loving this gonna visit soon

  2. I would say this place was just perfect to bring your loved ones on a date. The setting is really romantic and very intimate. The menu is great too really a great place. I’m excited to pay a visit here bring my me love here.

    1. Yup! It's great to bring your date there for a meal.. Gotta score you a point! :)