Friday, 1 February 2013

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

Probably a hidden find that has minimal indicator that it's a cafe, and serves yummy food that you might not be able to resist!

Let me bring you in and you will understand why it is hard to resist the food served here...

Daily Brewed Coffee ($5.00) sets their milk aside, thus you will be able to customize the sweetness to your own liking. After pouring the whole milk in, I still find it a little bitter, but just the perfect taste to wake one up in the weekend morning. Why waste your weekend away in your bed??

Homemade Lemonade ($5.00). Sourness level is around average, as it tasted somewhat sourish on the first sip, but subsequently becomes better. They added some green stuff in it, but I passed it off as some herbs to alleviate the primary sourness of the drink.

My appetite has been amplified after a few sips of the homemade lemonade. Time to tuck in!

Chicken Patties ($12.50) is being prepared with lime leaf, diced chili & coriander. Initially we thought it might be in the form of a burger, hence this is totally out of our expectation. The minced meat are being tucked in a compact manner, yet juicy and a little springy. Dipped with their sweet chili sauce, it completely makes my knife and fork went for another round of the patty! Look at how gluttonous my utensils are.....

Seared Dory Fillet ($15.00) is another dish worth commending. Done with lemon butter sauce, baby potatoes & mixed greens. Dory is fresh and well-cooked as the meat gives way easily with little resistance of flaking, and still firm at the same time. Their light creamy lemon butter sauce is savory, and simply works like a finishing touch to the dory. Delectable dish! Oh, please do not forget those miniature potatoes in the background!

Orange Cake ($4.00) attracts me because of its bright golden orange color appearance under the display light, and the white and slightly thick layer of what seems to be icing sugar. It has a clear orange taste when chewed, doubtlessly need another piece of it.

They have other pretty looking food, such as the scrambled eggs, trio sausage platter, ham omelette, etc. which all seems so appetizing and delicious!! Will want to go back and try out the others!

Enough of food! Walk-around to aid in digestion?

If you came from the direction of the crossroad between Horne Road and Trywhitt Road, you will be wondering where is the main entrance?! Well, it is actually hidden behind these metal construction gates which is just beside the "Chye Seng Huat Hardware" building.

I would say they have quite a number of seatings for their outdoor area. On the left, there is actually a narrow "corridor" that leads to the backyard, if you may call it. I suppose more tables can be set up if there is a need.

I was greeted with the orange light ambience, and long bar counter upon entering. It's kind of noisy both the inside and outside, but noise level is still acceptable and service is pretty fast.

They adopt the self-service method for ordering of food, and what remains is to be patient and wait for your food to arrive.

Their pastries are just located alongside the cashier. Thus, not a problem if you are wondering which pastry you would like to have while in the queue. Unfortunately, there was a mix up between the name plates for the pastries on the left side of the picture.

Just like those typical teppanyaki restaurants, you can sit around by the counter and watch the crew making coffees.

For your information, they do not accept reservations, unless you are thinking of getting a seat at The Annex.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware

150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207563

Tel: (65) 6396 0609

Opening Hours
Tues - Thurs: 0900 - 1900 hours
Fri - Sun: 0900 - 2200 hours

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