Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Loysel's Toy

Tucked away in a small corner... Barely visible to passing cars...

Situated near the Kallang Riverside Park, it seems like a great place for morning joggers or people who are having activities nearby to catch their breath, or to end their activity with a nice meal.

They have a variety of drinks to choose from, but I chose to have fruit juice for my Sunday morning. Apple juice ($5.00) was what I ordered, and probably it's a green apple they have used. Expect nothing special from a fruit juice, except that it's sweet :) They do have 2 other options, Orange and Watermelon, for the fruit juice section.

Ice Latte ($4.50).

Babycino ($1.50) is basically frothed milk with mini marshmallows at the top, and a cookie to side it off. It's quite a small portion, and definitely not for thirst-quenching! Seems more like a drink that kids would like, with milk and marshmallows, or even chocolate flakes for such similar drinks. I have no idea what cookie was that, but it was crunchy and full of chocolate taste, maybe?

Eggs Benedict on Toast with option of Bacon or Salmon ($12), and we have chosen the bacon to go along. Most of you knows that poaching process involves the use of vinegar, but the taste of vinegar is not strong at all, and egg yolk is a little runny. Nicely prepared poached eggs, and best if the yolk is a little more "liquidity". Their bread is ready-spread with butter, and is nice to chew on with the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Big L Breakfast ($15) comes with scrambled/poached eggs, mushrooms, bacon, and sausages. Scrambled egg is runny, while sausages are tasty yet the flavor does not filled up your mouth, but only certain portions of your taste bud where you are chewing on.

Loysel's Toy is being housed under a building, and should be quite easy to locate once you entered the street, as the address of the building is conveniently erected just at the corner of a turning point.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas, and we shall take a look at the out door seating area first.

Spaces between tables are spacious, so each table can have their own little privacy. Not my preference when tables are arranged closely with one another, because it encourages gossiping.

Their kitchen is located outside the café, on the right hand side. It may seems like a toilet or dish-washing section to some. But seeing this does brings back some old-school memories, especially with the wire gauze at the top and bottom of the opening.

Unlike the outdoor seating, tables on the other hand are closely arranged, probably due to space constraint. Overall, the indoor was not bad, as you might be able to catch them preparing your coffee for you.

I didn't managed to try their pastries, although it looks mouth-watering to me. Will definitely try it out the next time!

These bicycles are parked just at the entrance of the café. Seems like a great idea to do some cycling to work off the calories gained earlier!

And yes, they are for rental at 1 hour, 4 hours, and the whole day, at $10, $30, and $50 respectively.

It seems to be packed with people buzzing around, but it is unusual to have noise being kept low most of the time, regardless indoor or outdoor. Additional point for a weekend morning ya? With your paper and coffee just beside the river...

Loysel's Toy

66 Kampong Bugis
#01-02 Ture
Singapore 338987

Tel: (65) 6292 2306

Opening Hours
Tue - Fri: 0900 - 1800 hours
Sat - Sun: 0900 - 1930 hours

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