Thursday, 21 February 2013

Nyonya Curry Puff Cafe

Saw this online deal weeks ago, and decided to purchase it. It costs $2.40 per voucher, for 2 puffs and a drink. I thought since I have this little interest in Nyonya culture and their food, why not?

So, I was brought to this stall located in Redhill. It looks more like a snack stall than a café, and doesn't it jog one's memory during your schooling days? Snacking while on the way home.

Their puffs are big, and it's not those normal curry puffs we usually see. Layered triangular skin, rather than the smooth ones in most places. Based on the size, I was expecting it to be full of fillings, and crispy skin. Is this the case?

Nope... Filling is not as much as I thought, and crust is not crispy as I thought it should be. On the good side, fillings are not bland, peppery taste is there. Anyway, I had the Black Pepper Chicken Puff.

Had the Green Apple milkshake. Apparently, their milkshake doesn't look like any of those I had tried before, and it seems more like fruit juice to me than milkshake. Still, there is a little milk taste in it, and it doesn't taste that bad, as compared to what I had thought. Luckily, the apple taste is still quite distinctive.

A preview of their menu. Wide variety of drinks, and also comes in set menus. Not sure how their set works, but for a guess, an Otah Bun set with Ice Blended drink will cost you $3.30?

They have quite a variety of puffs for selection, and are reasonably priced too. I reached the place around 5 plus near the evening, and most are sold out. Probably the ones I bought are not as popular as the others?

Located under the HDBs, it is common to have such student's value promotion.

If you are able to make it early to see their displays full of puffs, yet unable to make up your mind, this past advertisement might be useful to you. Mutton and Durian puffs seems to be the "lovable" ones.

Overall, their puffs are not that bad. I had also tried their Curry Chicken Puff, which is a common flavor we have in all other curry puff stalls. Filling is rather good, but better than the black pepper chicken puff, and spiciness is there. Perhaps they can improve on the crispiness of the puffs to make it even better.

Nyonya Curry Puff Café

84 Redhill Lane
Singapore 150084

Tel: (65) 6471 2841

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0830 - 2000 hours
Public Holidays: 0830 - 2000 hours

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