Saturday, 16 February 2013

Penny University

Penny University doesn't earns you an academic certification, but a nice and cosy ambience to spend your evening, reading some books, sipping on drinks and tasting cakes/pastries!

Nicely done latte art on a cup of hot latte to chill off the freezing evening these days.

Houjicha Karingue is a tea that seems to originate from Japan. Based on the description, this is a common drink in Japan, and tea is being pan-roasted from selected stems, to bring out the sweet nutty flavour. I find this tea smooth, and of course, sweet.

Smores is one of the in-store desserts. It is like a chocolate cake with marshmallows. Didn't quite like the marshmallows in it, but the cake itself is delicious. I like the thick chocolate layer at the top, and the two squarish biscuits as topping gives a sweet, crispy feel. I think it goes very well with my tea too.

Swiss-baked Meringue with handpicked moroccan pistachio. My first impression was that it looks like some cake or muffin with a very thick layer of cream covering it. But in fact, it is like a biscuit, hard yet crispy. The moment you bite it, you can literally feel that it is melting in your mouth. Very unique!

It comes in two flavors, chocolate and vanilla. I had the chocolate flavour :)

On the left side of the entrance, just right before you step in, there is a small "flag" on the left stating the origin of the name "Penny University". Well, you would wonder why doesn't Singapore adopt this concept too right? Welcome to the world of harsh reality...

Lazy to carry a book out to read or patiently waiting for your "forever-late" friend? The reading materials on shelves are at our discretion. But they are not meant to be taken away from the shop premises!

They do play music too, in the café. But it seems like the songs are being played from iPad, but with good quality speakers to pass it off.

I like their cashier counter concept. They have this old cashier machine, or probably is a typewriter, which I have no idea. In the beginning I was still thinking "Woah, does this thing really works?". As I was placing my orders, I saw the lady tapping behind. I was so curious and stretched my neck a bit to see what was going behind the counter. Oh my god, it was a disguise! iPad behind the cashier machine! Nice camouflage... No, she was not playing any games, but assisting with our orders.

They have a very limited menu, indeed. Wanted to try their all day breakfast as my dinner, but failed. Their kitchen closes at 4pm on weekdays, and 5pm on weekends. Hence, what is left for you to choose remain the drinks like coffee and tea, and cakes or desserts.

Penny University

402 East Coast Road
Singapore 428997

Tel: (65) 9008 9314

Opening Hours
Tue - Thurs: 0830 - 1800 hours
Fri: 0830 - 2130 hours
Sat - Sun: 0830 - 2230 hours

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