Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant

Hidden in a small road where condominiums and landed properties are, this little Japanese Restaurant is rather unnoticeable. Since I have the time while I was in town, I decided to pay them a visit!

Being an Japan enthusiast, I have to give this a try! MUST! Oh, please do not be mistaken by the characters. The "S" probably dropped off somewhere, and I did attempted to re-locate it, but sorry.. I felt a strong pull within my tummy which is pulling me in every now and then...

Place is pretty narrow, I would say. Small shop space, with a little Japanese feel in it. That aside, the crew are not Japanese... I was actually hoping to be directed to the upper deck where I get to sit with my legs tucked/crossed, like Japanese style. But lady luck was not on my side :(

Their menu are quite wide for selection. They have, in types, Shabu Shabu, Tempura, Yakimono, Agemono, Ramen, Nigiri, Makimono, Sashimi, etc. All looks tempting, but by being greedy, it is going to cost me a bomb!

For those who are going in big group, probably 3-4 pax, might want to consider Shabu Shabu, which is their signature. A family happened to be having Shabu Shabu beside us, and goodness.. How I hoped I have the guts to walk over and asked to join in (self-invitation) .-"

And this is their "explanation" for the steep prices... Good quality beef with cheap prices? Fat hope! Maybe in your dreams..

Do a simple readup on wagyu beef, and you will be amazed by how comfortable they "were" treated before.

Vegetable Tempura ($8.00) are brinjal, tapioca, shiitake and enoki mushroom. It came with soy sauce for dipping. Honestly speaking, without the sauce, it is quite pleasant to get it down the throat. It isn't oily and all the items are fried to supple for chewing.

Ikageso Nanban ($6.00) is actually fried squid tentacles. It is not crunchy, but the tentacles are firm and chewy, and I couldn't stop chewing it while waiting for my main! Ever played those grabbing machine where you try your luck to grab a soft toy out? You can imagine my chopstick is the grabbing device, and it's 100% spot on!

Finally the mains...

Chicken Katsu Set ($10.00). It looks like a huge piece of chicken cutlet being served to you. The chicken is juicy, chewy, and a little crispy. Yums? :) Below the cutlet is thinly sliced cabbage like our KFC coleslaw, and has to be added with the given sweet sauce to maximize the taste. Of course, the set comes with miso soup, prickles, and toufu (soybean curd).

Tonkotsu Ramen ($11.00) looks like a normal ramen, but we have to agree that the soup is super super flavory! First, our nose had a sniff of it.. Next, our tongue confirmed it, and our thumbs are up! Ramen is a little bouncy, and pork cutlet rather normal yet yummy due to the soup already seeped into the meat. You can imagine how I would love to hold the bowl up with my pair of hands, and gobbled the soup down my throat!?

For your information, their soup base are all tonkotsu soup, which takes 8-10 hours to boil, with no MSG and rich in collagen.

Some displays and decorations they have.

Well, we all know most Japanese are good drinkers. If you look carefully at the bottom left corner where white pieces of paper are being sticked on to the bottles, these are the evidences!

Food served is a little slow, but crew is friendly and apologized for the wait. I am giving them a "thumbs up" for the friendly service and yummy-licious food. Am going to have a go at their Shabu Shabu the next time round. For non-beef eaters, you might want to consider their ramen :)

Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant

56 Cairnhill Road
Singapore 229667

Tel: (65) 6887 5527

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 1430 hours
                   1800 - 2300 hours

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