Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Fresh +

Recently, there's quite a number of stalls sprouting out in the streets of Singapore, and mainly are healthy foods, such as salad bars. And on the influence of a friend, I decided to try out this salad bar, which has been receiving quite favorable reviews, and the sight of long queue does trigger me to have a go during my lunch break...

They do know how to pamper their customers... Looking at the menu, they have 3 categories, which are, allowing customers to choose what they want for their salad, their recommended salad ingredients, and recommended sandwiches. Needless to say, I observed that most customers went for the "Fresh +", and neither was I an exception. I prefer to select my favorite ingredients to munch on, unless I am rushing for time.

Not only is their extensive menu making me indecisive, so are the ingredients! A whole length stretch of display and I am supposed to choose them while I'm queuing. This is how their system works. The moment it reaches your turn, you will have to inform the crew the size you are going for, and next is to select 6 ingredients from the "free" section, as it is already included in the price. Moving up, they will ask you if you want any "GOURMETEXTRAS" which costs $3 more, consisting of smoked/roasted chicken, and some others. Next will be the sauce, and finally making the payment.

The ordering process is very similar to Subway, and perhaps even healthier and more selections for the customer.

This was what I had. Ordered the medium size salad, allowing me to select up to 6 ingredients from the "free" section, and additonal topping will be $1.80 each. Altogether, I had around 7, such as hard-boiled egg, zucchini, brown rice, apple, potato, corn, and broccoli. Further on, I added smoked chicken from the "GOURMETEXTRAS", and had the "salad de bleu" sauce. I have no idea what the sauce is all about, as I have to select one soon out of like 5-6 choices, and with people queuing behind me.

It looks like a whole bunch of non-related stuff being mixed around and served bluntly. But it was a refreshing salad after so much of meat-eating meals.. I had every part of the salad sent down to my tummy!

I also had their "Hot Soup of the day", which was potato and cabbage soup. The texture of the soup looks like oatmeal that we used to eat as a kid or infant. But despite this, it tasted quite yummy, and you can really taste the potato and cabbage in it. I wondered how they make the soup... Probably throwing potato and cabbage into the blender?

I didn't order any drinks, and simply just asked for a cup of ice water. Just in case you are wondering, they serve coffees, breads, and chilled drinks too!

I like my meal at Fresh +, and would definitely patronize them again for my meals in future. It's healthy and yummy... Why not?

They have 3 branches in Singapore, with 2 in the Central Business District, and 1 other branch around the west area.

Fresh +

8 Marina View
Asia Square (Food Garden)
Singapore 0158960

Tel: (65) 6636 1916

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 0800 - 2100 hours

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