Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Simply Shiok

Went to try out their "All Day Chicken Wing Buffet" with a voucher purchased since couple of months ago, but only managed to find time recently... Credits to the pressuring expiration date on the voucher!

In any case, was late due to the raining day, and surprisingly, there wasn't a lot of people as I had expected.. And this might have been a good point as I can get more attention from the crew, and lesser waiting time for my next serving :D

Although I am here for their chicken wings buffet, their menu doesn't seems to tell people that their signature is chicken wing!? Rather, it portrays a favorable impression towards their ice-creams and beverages. They have categorized their ice creams to "Classic" and "Premium", priced at $2.80 and $3.80 per scoop respectively.

I was there for dinner slot which was supposed to start at 6pm - 9pm. But upon reaching there at 6.30pm, most of the flavors seems to have been sold out. I think it would have been best if they could refill for diners to enjoy some desserts. Ice-creams can be left overnight afterall.

They have 3 types of cup, mainly single scoop and double scoop cup, and also a take-away tub to enjoy their ice cream back in the comfort of your "home-sweet-home" :) Enjoying a tub of ice cream from Simply Shiok with a group of friends for home gathering, is no hassle at all!

For people who prefer to have a little crunchy feel to their ice-cream, here comes the waffle! $0.60 for their jumbo waffle cone.

Add a little decoration to your ice-cream at $0.80 each! Limited toppings, which is quite disappointing.

Coffee-maker machine just right behind their display of ice-creams.

Back to the main topic, our buffet came right before our table. This is no grab-as-you-walk kind of buffet. They will present you a plate of chicken wings and nuggets, and you can request for another serving once you are done with the first. This explains why I mentioned it's a good thing there wasn't a crowd when I came in :)

Skin is not cripsy enough, probably due to the insufficient frying time. But meat wise, it was quite yummy, but oily too. Honestly speaking, I am full and getting sick of it in the midst of the second serving...

They have the drum, the wing, and the nugget in one plate of serving. You might want to request for a serving which is totally drum/wing. Their chili sauce is quite nice though. It tasted like the Macdonald's sweet chili, but Simply Shiok claimed it's their premium sauce.

Overall, the money was well-spent, and I had a filling (yet unhealthy) dinner. Had wanted to try their mayonnaise, which was listed under the free-flow premium sauce, similar to the chili sauce. But was informed that only chili sauce is available... They have other chicken wings like the Mexican Chicken Wings, and the Spicy Chicken Wings. Would love to try those the next time, but definitely not on the buffet type!! Had to give their ice-cream and other sides like cheese fries, wedges, etc. a miss... I am really super-full at the end...

For information, quantity of 6 chicken wings costs around $5 plus at usual price. Remember to call and make a reservation, in case the the crowd appears on that particular day for the chicken wings buffet.

Simply Shiok

5 Simon Road
Singapore 545893

Tel: (65) 6344 3558

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 2200 hours


  1. So the chicken wing buffet is only for vouchers? So cool, I didnt know there is such a thing! (vivienneeluv)

    1. I think the wings buffet are only for voucher. But in my opinion, going ala carte is much better. More self-control :)