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Steam Sia

The name of the cafe "Steam Sia" sounds so Singaporean.. ermmm... Singlish. I like the interior concept, and it's really a place for reminiscing.. place for people who at least played "Snakes and Ladder" before?

This is how the overall of the cafe looks like. Simple with a bit of oldies feel. Ok.. My definition of oldie feel refers to late 19's to early 20's.

Let's see what I had for my meal in Steam Sia, before bringing the decoration of the cafe to the foreground.

Oldie feel, but menu is not those paper written type. Hardcover menu, though the food is limited. Based on their menu, they have 2 categories for mains. Asian Harvest mainly based on asian food like chicken curry, and Western Delight featuring western food of course.

They do have starter, salads, sandwiches, side bites, and desserts as well. Probably in other words, wide category but limited options each.

Ordered two of their speciality drinks, Ice Latte ($7.90) topped with movenpick vanilla dream ice-cream, and Raisin Float ($5.90) consists of movenpick rum & raisin ice-cream served with coke. But I am not sure if drinks other than the speciality category comes in the same cup too.

I felt that the Ice Latte is too sweet, which I assumed could be the addition of the ice-cream to it. Raisin float is a little better in terms of its sweetness. Overall, it's not bad, and I wouldn't mind another cup :)

This is the list of their speciality drinks. Any that you like?

For starter, we had the Seafood Stuffed 'Sailing Boat' ($8.90), which is actually oven-baked potatoes topped with seafood.

Doesn't in any way looks appetizing, but it is not bad. It is like potato sliced into half, and with a big crunchy prawn at the top. There's also small chunks of mushroom in it. I don't taste any cheese in it, thus I think the overflowing part should be melting butter. Not recommended for carb-watchers!

Order two mains, both from the Asian Harvest section.

Nonya Assam Prawn with Pineapple ($8.90) served with rice, achar, and papadum. Their prawns and pretty big and crunchy, but not as crunchy as those I tried before. And assam sauce is not too sour, just nice for me!

I don't see any pineapple together with the prawns, but instead with the achar. I thought pineapple is part of achar in the first place? I took on the benefit of doubt, probably pineapple is sliced to flimsy type, or big chunk of pineapple fruit was being used to cook with the assam sauce to add in some flavor, and taken out to put in achar.

Steam Sia's Nonya Chicken Curry ($12.90 for a person serving, $20.90 for 2 person) with potatoes, served with bread.

Curry looks red and spicy, but actually tastes a little sweet and not really spicy at all. Chicken meat is easy to bite on, and not sure if it's just me, but both chicken meat I had, were drumsticks! Coming to their bread, it is soft and had some powdery white stuff on it. Probably icing sugar I suppose, but the bread can be easily pull apart for dipping into the curry sauce :) I like this dish!

For diners who can't comsume too much of spiciness, this should be just fine!

Time to bring the cafe decorations to our attention!

At the entranace, they placed some old-school games in a cart. I still remember playing the following games when I was a kid! Such as snakes & ladder, jenga, snap, and also the penguin sliding down, which is the one in the background!! Not sure if it's ok to remove them from the cart and play with it.

Directly behind the cart, there is this manual-tuned tv used back in the old days, and as well as rotary-wheeled telephone. Anyone still have this in possession? :)

Looking at it, can you imagine how old has this been kept?

There are two wooden display cupboard on the left side. From far, I thought it's a display of glass cups, pottery from the olden days. Yes, I'm partially right, and no, because they are for sale too!

I actually do like some of the items inside, especially the normal transparent cups with designs on it, as well as the porcelain plates in the second wooden cupboard. I still remember having some of these plates back in my 10's. Price wise, it's quite reasonable and affordable too.

Recommended mains to try out - Courtesy of Steam Sia!

They do serve alcoholic beverages too. As they are opened till late night, and has a TV drilled on the wall, it seems like a perfect place to watch football matches together with other football-goers, and drinking away.

In my opinion, there are 3 cosy corners to sit in.

First, is the one at far right of the cafe. Cushioned bench which was common back in the days, and display of ornaments at the back, with yellow lighting.

On a closer look, I saw this display in one of the racks. I actually owned 3 of the phones before, and of course the disc player and cassette!

The second cosy corner is just right beside. Chairs are no different from those I termed as "non-cosy" seating area, but having a meal, and browsing through their displays, seems like a great idea too :) Furthermore, a little privacy as it is in between two pillars.

Some close-ups on their displays too.

The third and the last cosy corner, is somewhere towards the entrance, but hidden quietly behind a staircase-like partition. Rubbery bands chair which I used to sit on before, drawings of bunny and hopscotch! Can't help thinking how I kept playing hopscotch during the weekend mornings with my childhood friends!... when I was still a primary school kid..

Tucked away in the area between Little India and Farrer Park MRT, where Indian restaurants are almost in every corner, I think Steam Sia is kinda special. Immersing in a place with old-school displays, and have yourself to a nice meal and floats. No where seems like a non-Singapore of the past!

Steam Sia

5 Hindoo Road
Singapore 209107

Tel: (65) 6396 6585

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1600 - 0000 hours
Sat - Sun: 1100 - 0000 hours

*Kitchen closes at 2300 hours daily.

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