Monday, 29 April 2013


It's brunch time!!!

A 2-storeys cafe placed in the middle of private properties might give an impression to some that prices are not gonna be affordable. But on the contrary, items are tagged reasonably, to most diners!

This cafe comes about under the influences of Japanese and French, and also with Indie inspiration. They have outdoor seatings too, but you may be surprised that the "noise pollution" doesn't comes from diners, but cars from the traffic... Apparently, cars stopped right at the traffic light needs to be horned before they knew the green light is in their way!

Before walking into the cafe, you can spot some articles on the left side of the entrance. I do find the subject quite interesting, which goes like "Is it the cafe who kidnaps the girl?". This title is enough to send one expecting nice food and ambience this cafe can give.

Narrow corridor, but still quite cosy. They do display some small items for sale, which makes your time worth while waiting for your food. No harm walking around to distract your stomach ya?

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thai To Go (Foodpanda Singapore)

I bet some of us, at times, would feel like lazing around at home, yet stomach is grumbling to you about how hungry it is :( Yes, I had it a lot of times. KFC? No mood... Macdonalds? Not again... I want no fast food!!!

So I decided to try this new online food ordering site that caught my attention recently. It allows you to select food from a variety of participating cafes/restaurants serving several cuisines. Order will be passed on from Foodpanda's system to the cafes/restaurants. What's next? I can simply continue to laze around till my doorbell starts ringing for my attention :D

What attracts me to use their online ordering service is their ease of locating nearby participating eateries by postal code! It makes the ordering process more complete by having useful details, and several filter options such as eateries with discount?!?! Depending on your location, the system automatically update the nearby eateries on the left column.

Once you placed the order, you will receive an sms to verify your order, and then followed by email confirmation of your order being received by Foodpanda, and another sms to confirm the restaurant has confirmed your order!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Homemade - Stir fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish

When I have my meals outside at those "sizzling wok" stall, very few can actually retain the vegetable nutrients and crunchiness. Reason? It has been cooked too long. Well, this is just my assumption, and hearsays. Hence, I am going to give it a try.

The ingredients includes the following.

400g Baby Kailan
30g Salted Fish (diced)
1 tsp Salt (optional)
4 tbsp Cooking Oil
1/2 tbsp Chinese Wine
Half a carrot (sliced)
Some amount of garlic (chopped)

First, we will need to heat the oil in wok and fry the salted fish till golden brown color. Next, add garlic and carrot to stir-fry for another 30 seconds or so. Simple isn't it?

Next is the adding of baby kailan to the wok. Before doing so, ensure that the vegetable has been air-dry so as to minimize splattering when thrown into the wok. Pour in the baby kailan, and stir-fry together with the garlic and salted fish over high heat. When the vegetable starts to wither, and seems "moist" with oil, give it a taste. If it's not salty enough, add in a small amount of salt or more salted fish to make it more flavorful.

Once done, pour in Chinese Wine to create a nice aroma, and served on plate :)

Remember, do not stir-fry the vegetable too long, as it will lose its fresh greenish color, and the crunchiness. Watch out for the salt level as well. For the last step, lime or lemon wedges can be used instead, to substitute Chinese Wine. Both works like a charm too!

Listen to the crunchy noise made when chewing it. Crunchy, yet nutritious and flavorful :)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Japanese Restaurant is everywhere, but which sushi shop allows you to make your very own sushi, choosing your favorable ingredients? Maki-San totally won my heart over for this, and at a reasonable price :)

It is quite visible once you exited the escalator to basement 1 of The Cathay. Small shop at the corner, but with interesting wall decorations and wide variety of ingredients to make your own sushi! As the name explains, Maki-San serves maki sushi, instead of the usual Nigiri Sushi.

For people who wants to save the hassle to customize their own, yet keen to try out Maki-San, they have ready-customized sushi at your "discretion". To make it more appealing, the interiors of the seating areas are sticked with enlarged pictures of certain sushi, and going in-depth to the ingredients encased within..

I do also love some of their quirky pictures, other than the magnified sushi pictures. Coincidentally, I'm neither a fan of eel nor sesame.. While I knew them by the disliking taste to my tastebud, Maki-San sees them as............Here comes the MONSTERS!!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Eno-Oka Japanese Restaurant

Hidden in a small road where condominiums and landed properties are, this little Japanese Restaurant is rather unnoticeable. Since I have the time while I was in town, I decided to pay them a visit!

Being an Japan enthusiast, I have to give this a try! MUST! Oh, please do not be mistaken by the characters. The "S" probably dropped off somewhere, and I did attempted to re-locate it, but sorry.. I felt a strong pull within my tummy which is pulling me in every now and then...

Place is pretty narrow, I would say. Small shop space, with a little Japanese feel in it. That aside, the crew are not Japanese... I was actually hoping to be directed to the upper deck where I get to sit with my legs tucked/crossed, like Japanese style. But lady luck was not on my side :(