Monday, 29 April 2013


It's brunch time!!!

A 2-storeys cafe placed in the middle of private properties might give an impression to some that prices are not gonna be affordable. But on the contrary, items are tagged reasonably, to most diners!

This cafe comes about under the influences of Japanese and French, and also with Indie inspiration. They have outdoor seatings too, but you may be surprised that the "noise pollution" doesn't comes from diners, but cars from the traffic... Apparently, cars stopped right at the traffic light needs to be horned before they knew the green light is in their way!

Before walking into the cafe, you can spot some articles on the left side of the entrance. I do find the subject quite interesting, which goes like "Is it the cafe who kidnaps the girl?". This title is enough to send one expecting nice food and ambience this cafe can give.

Narrow corridor, but still quite cosy. They do display some small items for sale, which makes your time worth while waiting for your food. No harm walking around to distract your stomach ya?

If you are a people watcher, and like to have some little privacy and cozyness to yourself, this corner in the first storey is quite a fit.

I think that the second storey seems more cosy, as it gives a more homely feel. But to get there, please take into account of climbing this long flight of stairs... Speaking of which, it's rather tough to be working in Le'toile as serving crew. Bet the requisite is to have good calf muscles!

I was actually caught in surprise upon entering. It looks so homely, and ambience is kinda quiet. It does make a good afternoon place for adults to do some net surfing or be a workaholic "as usual", or for students to have their revision, and probably a little nap for a break, as it is really super comfy if you had chosen the correct spot!

If you do notice the kid sitting on the middle of the columns, the table is actually a sewing machine that my mum used to own in the past! If you still have such at home, you do know how to recycle it ya?

These are the two favorite corners I like. The left looks like a place for kids to play, and the right seems like a bright place for readings.

Spotted this little Hello Kitty ornament on display. Cute right?!

Surprisingly, their kitchen is located on the second storey? But it isn't stuffy or noisy though. Come to think of it, do they have sound proof pellets in their kitchen??

Their food menu is quite extensive, and the way they named their different sections are quirky :) It's like narrating.

Hot Latte ($4.90) and Kiwi Soda ($4.90). Kiwi Soda is quite bland, and I wouldn't recommend this drink.

They have teas too for non-caffeine drinkers.

Big Breakfast ($14.90) is not the big breakfast in Macdonald. This is served with toast, potato wedges, mushroom, bacon, sausages, eggs, and a serving of greens. In addition, you may opt your eggs to be scrambled, sunny side-up, overeasy, or omelette.

Overall it was ok, but their muchroom is soggy, and not those toasted type in other cafes. Had the scrambled eggs, runny but not much taste. I believe a little more salt would make it tastier. *waves hand frantically* "Hi, may I request for some salt?"

I was really disappointed with this Bagel with Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon ($8.90). Bagel is super tough to chew.. Otherwise it would be fine. Second, the cheese is too much, therefore making your mouth tasting more of the cheese than the smoked salmon. I was a little sick of it towards the last few mouths. On the other hand, the smoked salmon is quite nice!

Raisin Scone ($2.90) leaves me a half-hatred impression. I am a raisin lover, but the scone is hard to chew (again...). I spread a bit of the butter and strawberry jam on the scone, and had it down to my tummy. Quite nice, except for the toughness!!

Carrot Cake ($3.90) is the western style. So kindly refrain from linking to the asian style, which is commonly known as 萝卜糕, or Chao Tau Kway. I personally prefer this to Raisin Scone. It has more moist in it, and making the overall taste rather smooth. But not advisable for people who are allergic to nuts...

There are of course other desserts, and some can be viewed from the counter display.

Not a cake lover, what about ice-creams?

Overall, I would still give a thumbs up for this cafe. Although the food is kinda 50/50 to me, based on the food I have ordered, the cozyness of the cafe does add further positive points to it. I seriously wouldn't mind making another trip to try their other mains, and spend some quiet reading time by one of their cozy corner and enjoy some quietness during the buzzy weekends. For your information, they do not accept reservations, unless it is a group of minimum 8 pax.

160 Owen Road
Singapore 218953

Tel: (65) 6298 2872

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1100 - 2200 hours
Sat - Sun: 0900 - 2200 hours

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  1. Looks perfect! Really pleasantly surprising that the food items are reasonably priced :D