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Japanese Restaurant is everywhere, but which sushi shop allows you to make your very own sushi, choosing your favorable ingredients? Maki-San totally won my heart over for this, and at a reasonable price :)

It is quite visible once you exited the escalator to basement 1 of The Cathay. Small shop at the corner, but with interesting wall decorations and wide variety of ingredients to make your own sushi! As the name explains, Maki-San serves maki sushi, instead of the usual Nigiri Sushi.

For people who wants to save the hassle to customize their own, yet keen to try out Maki-San, they have ready-customized sushi at your "discretion". To make it more appealing, the interiors of the seating areas are sticked with enlarged pictures of certain sushi, and going in-depth to the ingredients encased within..

I do also love some of their quirky pictures, other than the magnified sushi pictures. Coincidentally, I'm neither a fan of eel nor sesame.. While I knew them by the disliking taste to my tastebud, Maki-San sees them as............Here comes the MONSTERS!!

Do not feel lost yet. They have a board menu which guides you on how to start ordering with a piece of checklist to enhance the overall efficiency from ordering to getting those into your rumbling tummy. For salad devotees, you are welcome too!

Here's how the game goes.. You get a piece of their checklist and a pen (if you are a non-pen person) which is readily available along the counter display.

First, you decide on the size that you would like to have. Size between both is roughly the same, but you are entitled to more ingredients for getting Mega San. Do note that Little San does not comes with "Specials", and you can only choose 3 "essentials". Signature sushi, drinks, snacks, and soup which are all at the bottom of the checklist, are at chargeable price.

Second, you may proceed to the cashier with that piece of filled checklist. They will process your order based on that checklist, and make payment for it.

If you are a collector, hopefully these sushi boxes fascinates you.

Third, you get to see the making of your creation, right beside the cashier. Though your hands are not the one involved in making it, would you rather have the vinegar rice and ingredients all falling out of place? :P

As a Chinese saying goes, "看似简单,做时难".

Before tucking in, please do not forget the Maki-Utensils, as well as the wasabi and light soy sauce.

We ordered Little San and Mega San, with customized ingredients. Simply can't wait to open it up!

We also had the Miso Soup. It was not bad, but certainly can't be compared with those served in restaurants.

Neatly packed maki sushi for dine-in and takeaways. It may looked lacking in quantity to fill up your hunger level, but I was wrong.. Was feeling full towards the end of my last piece. Ordering Little San or Mega San doesn't make a difference, as both are of roughly the same size.

Depending on what you had selected as your ingredients, both maki sushi that we ordered are yummy! The only negative thing is their nori (seaweed) which is a little tough to chew apart. Rice is soft, and compact, though still a little loose, but not to the extent of dropping here and there. Most importantly, I get to choose what I want in my sushi, and not having to accommodate for another!

On the left is Mega San, consisting of nori as wrap, and brown rice. The five essentials are tamagoyaki, parmesan cheese, steamed ebi, silken tofu, and tempura enoki mushroom. For special, I had the smoked duck, and turkey bacon bits for sprinklers. And for something I never heard before, I chose yuzu honey vinaigrette as the house sauce!

On the right is Little San, consisting of nori as wrap, ans white rice. The three essentials are roasted mushroom, sliced cheddar cheese, and shredded chicken. For sprinkler, selected tempura crunch, and teriyaki as house sauce :)

Definitely worth going again. Service is rather fast, and I can literally termed it as Japanese fast food restaurant. I would actually recommend diners to try Mega San, as you can select more ingredients, especially when you are unable to make up your mind of the 3 essentials!

Hope you liked your customized sushi on your visit ^_^


2 Handy Road
#B1-17/18 The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Tel: (65) 6737 8772

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1130 - 2130 hours

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