Monday, 6 May 2013

Folks Collective

New restaurant in CBD!

Opened since last month, chef and the boss himself are authentic Thais, which you can expect some authentic Thai food to be served! Located in China Square Central, it should be one of the favorite spot among the white-collars during the weekdays.

Spacious and adequate gap between tables. Lots of effort put in to decor up this cosy restaurant!

Menu comes in sheets of paper, clipped on to a wood plate? This look interesting ya...

As they are on soft launch, menu is still not fixed at the moment. So exepct on your future visits to have more food added to their lists :)

This is their soft launch menu. Quite considerate of them to have set meals, which is definitely a hit for people working in CBD.

Shrimp Pancake with Plum sauce ($8.90). Cripsy outer with crunchy shrimps, tasted normal unless dipped with plum sauce. It may an odd combination, but I'm glad I sticked to it.

Crispy Tofu with Sweet Chili sauce ($5.90). Normal tofu cut into cubes and sent for deep frying with a pinch of salt to taste. Sweet chili sauce is not spicy at all, and topped with probably chipped peanuts. A must-to-go with their sauce if you want to enjoy their tofu.

Signature FOLKS Wings ($6.90). Didn't ordered this, but it seems quite appetizing. But it was later sent back as requested by us.


Cripsy Chicken Skin ($2.90). Indeed crispy, and seems to be excellent as alcohol complement. Damn, I should have kept the chicken wings instead :(

Sambal Prawns ($12.90) uses king-sized prawns with sambal chili. Crunchy prawns, and sambal come with a sweet taste too. I actually had my crispy chicken skin dabbed with the sambal chili :P

Thai Basil Stir-fry ($8.90). Option between chicken or beef, mixed with Thai sweet basil.

Mango Sticky Rice ($6.90) is a traditional classic Thai dessert. I had eaten before where the mango is cold and sticky rice is warm, which I liked it a lot. Folks Collective on the other hand, had it both warm. Nice, but if mango is cold, that would be best.

Ice Cream Kati ($4.90) comes with coconut ice cream, traditional toppings, and glutinous rice. I am so happy when I saw atap seeds, because I aim my "red dot sight" at the atap seeds whenever I order ice kacang :) Whole ice cream is a little milky, and it best when you mixed up the whole ice cream with the glutionous rice residing at the bottom. Simple, sweet dessert!

Service from the crew is definitely up to standard. Comfortable ambience with soothing Thai music to accompany you through your meal! They provide you with a smile for every request you made, which shows how much dignity they show to their customers.

Happy hour? They got it for you :)

Food is generally acceptable and none of the dishes I find it too spicy at all. Price is cheap, considering to be in CBD. To my surprise, it actually attracted quite a crowd in a weekend. Seriously, a crowd in CBD during the weekend seems like a big deal which you shouldn't be missing out from :)

Folks Collective

20 Cross Street
#01-25 China Square Central
Singapore 048422

Tel: (65) 6536 6739

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 1100 - 2300 hours