Monday, 30 September 2013

Homemade - Omelette Wrap

Decided to whip something up for my breakfast, and came up with this idea of omelette wrap.

I raked out whatever I can find from fridge, and had the following.

2 pieces of Bread (not from fridge)
2 Whole Eggs
1 Apple
Remaining pack of Mozzarella Cheese

Beat the eggs, toast the bread and cut to small pieces, and sliced the apple too. Please note I have immersed the apples with salt water for a short while to prevent the color of the apple to deteriorate to yellow.

First, butter your pan to prevent the power of sticking effect, and pour in your beaten eggs over pan at low heat. Once the sides are forming, put in the cheese first, followed by apple cubes, and chunks of bread.

Have the cheese placed all over the egg, so that my apple and bread will stick to the cheese, and not fall apart while wrapping at the later part.

Wait for a few more minutes, and you are ready to fold the egg at the base into half. There... you are ready to serve!

I had it cut into smaller slices, and man... I think it looks like pizza :P Pizza breakie, maybe?

Seems yummy eh? And seriously, I think my tastebuds are in unison with me!

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