Saturday, 18 May 2013

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant is situated in the lobby of Hotel Miramar. You may be expecting high-rated prices for restaurants in hotels, but this is rather worth it, if not for the long waiting time, items that never appear, or wrong item served after placing the orders.

Luckily, we made reservations, as walk-in seems almost impossible in the weekdays due to limited seats. I took a quick glance of their reservation list of this particular day I visited them, and the list is almost full...

We were brought to our seats soon enough. They have 3 areas for counter seats (one of which is actually a cashier counter), while the rest are normal tables.

This is the cashier counter.

Pasted on the walls of the entrance and the cashier wall, are photos of celebrities who have been here. Can you spot your favorite celebrity among these massive photos?

I was quite surprised when I am not able to spot wasabi on their seasoning tray. Even so, we didn't request for any from the crew.

Buffet price is inclusive of all food items in the menu, as well as a re-fillable green tea.

Decide your items, and place an order with any of the crew. Although they took down your order on a small piece of paper, not every item comes to you as I mentioned earlier. The crew did not informed us, even if the item is not available.

They do give out complimentary dishes that you did not asked for, at certain intervals. As they made these complimentary dishes only for each table, asking for more would depends on your luck..

These are one of the few complimentary items. As most would have know, Ikoi is popular for its sashimi. Hence, if you are a sashimi lover, you should try out theirs. It is fresh, and tasty!

I am not a Chawanmushi lover, but this is definitely nice! Looks of it gives a low rating, but the taste of it adds on a quite a number of points!

Other than sashimi, sushis & makis should not be missed too (hey, I'm in a Japanese Restaurant). Here are some of those we have ordered, but simply not able to identify all of it :P My bad...

The top photo is Sanshoku Maki. It seems to me like a plate with 3 separate makis (pickles, tuna, cucumber), which was not what I had expected.

Another of their complimentary dish. Some soup (yes, tastes more like soup than drink) that they claimed it's nutritious for our skin. Didn't quite like the taste. It is thick and has a weird sweet taste.

Ordered the second time before this plate of Tebasaki (mid chicken wings) came. Definitely not worth the time and effort for this. Their wings are dry and not savory at all.

On the left is Agedashi Tofu, and followed by Shitake on the right. Another plate? No.....

Their complimentary soup! Fish, Enokitake, and.... think that's it. I love their soup! It's so savory that I kept going for more scoops!

Oyako Don is ok to satisfy your tummy, but nothing interesting.

On the left is Ramen, which includes charsiew, and followed by Yaki Soba. Totally not what I had thought it would be for Yaki Soba, and tasted more like non-spicy version of Mee Goreng?

The last complimentary dish we had during the whole of this dinner, Niku Jaga.

Another disappointing dish, Yakitori.

Perhaps, Sake Shioyaki.

Actually, this rating is rather subjective. For people who prefer buffet style than the overall taste of the food, this is quite worthy, especially for a Japanese buffet. Generally the food are ok, though not up to the standard we have expected from the other Japanese Restaurants. Attitude of the crew is acceptable, but food service is quite bad. If they could improve on the overall taste and not mixing up orders or "non-attendance" of the food, I believe it will be a great hit to most diners.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

401 Havelock Road
#01-01 Hotel Miramar
Singapore 169631

Tel: (65) 6887 3788

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: Lunch 1130 - 1430 hours
Dinner 1800 - 2300 hours

*Last order for Lunch is at 1405 hours, and Dinner is at 2205 hours.


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