Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Jai Thai Restaurant

Had a sudden craving for Thai food and found this "reserved" Thai restauarant amidst Purvis Street.

They have limited seatings both indoor and outdoor, but no doubt a place for authentic Thai food :)

Want to be rich? Jai Thai has a way :P Selling at SGD19.90, it seems to be written by Jai Thai's Boss, himself!

Here is their menu. You will also be given a piece of order paper to check your selections against. Desserts and drinks, and snacks are not listed in the order paper. If you looking to order those, you gotta speak up to them!

Mixed Platters ($7.00) consists of Fish cake, Prawn cake, Thai Spring Rolls, and Deep Fried Beancurd. It's actually a mixture of all their appetizers. Nothing special, but it's still nicely fried :)

Fried Kailan Chinese Mushroom ($5.00) Crunchy vegetables, but not so flavory.

Pandan Chicken ($4.00 for 2 pieces) is quite oily, but put aside the overcooked corners, it's yummy!

Steamed Tofu with Chicken Basil ($6.00). Sweet with a little spicy sauce is drenched over chicken basil and the soft, bouncy tofu.

Deep fried fish with pepper and garlic ($6.00). Came in small chunk size, but meat is soft, making it easy to chew. Great for kids!

Pineapple rice ($4.00). Rice is quite mushy, and topped with what I think is chicken floss? Not sure if the mushy-ness is supposed to be their style, but I quite like it.

Green Curry Chicken ($5.00). Curry is thick and sweet, and suitable to go with rice.

I generally thinks that their food are quite nice, and waiting time is short too. What's more is that the prices are very reasonably priced, and suitable for a small group gathering on a budget yet yummy food. A team of Thai crew, we can expect polite service, and some authentic Thai food for cravers :)

With 4 outlets in total, you can guess the response from general public!

Jai Thai Restaurant

27 Purvis Street
#01-01 An Chuan Building
Singapore 188604

Tel: (65) 6336 6908

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1100 - 1500 hours
                   1800 - 2200 hours

*Last order at 2130 hours


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I have since been back so have another post in the writing. I love the green curry (http://www.mylifeinsin.com/2013/01/jai-thai-purvis-street-cheap-cheerful.html). And my next post will include my new favourite which is the basil chicken rice with loooooads of chillies. Awesome.

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog! Gee, it's been a while since I've dined at Jai Thai - your pictures make me want to go back. If you're keen on trying something new, give Nakhon Kitchen (Bedok and Kovan) or Soi Thai (Tampines) a shot!


    1. didn't knew my pictures have such influence! haha. but thanks for your recommendations! heard of nakhon kitchen but yet visit them :)

  3. Replies
    1. Didn't get to try their tomyum soup, but i bet it will be equally nice? :)