Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Malaysia, Genting Highlands (Part Three) - Marrybrown

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I believed most of you have heard of Marrybrown long before. Not an exception, Marrybrown comes to my mind for fast food.

Ordered family combo, which  consists of 8 pieces of chicken, 2 drinks, coleslaw and mashed potato each. Totaling to RM56 (rounded up). Cripsy skin, and not-so oily chicken meat. So much better than our KFC, which is too oily, and some times too much chicken fats underneath the skin.

Also had the Tower Burger, for just the burger itself at less than RM12 I think. It seems like the Macdonald's Double McSpicy burger, with the difference that this is not spicy. But this burger is equally yummy!

Ordered this for side order. Forgot what it was called, but it is like our Macdonald's hashbrown, in mini cubes.

Something different isn't it? :)


Level T2, F/L2.19
First World Plaza, Genting Highlands
Malaysia, Pahang 69000

Tel: (60)3 6436 3122

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: Till late

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