Thursday, 13 June 2013


Was invited for food tasting due to their new menu change, located at Azur, Crowne Plaza. It was my first time visiting them, and I am holding lots of anticipation!

Quite like the ambience of the restaurant, and they are able to accomodate to large groups. So if you are looking to have group gatherings, Azur is able to fit you in.

They have quite a variety of food, and it seems quite impossible for me to know the name of each dish. But luckily, I have pictures to share :)

I love their crayfish! It's a cold dish, and you can easily fork out the whole meat in perfect one piece. Quite chewy!

I love their sausages <3 They have 3 types, and one consists of beef. The foreground is a mixture of ham and cabbage, which is quite nice too.

You can choose the type of egg you would like to have, and their chef will cook it specially for you. As far as I can remember, you given choices like omelette, ove-easy, sunny side-up, fried, scrambled, poached, etc. Condiments to go along? :)

Chinese rojak stall! Where's the chef? Ok... I have to DIY. I mixed those that I wanted, and added grained peanuts and sweet suace to it. This was my first time doing it, and was enjoying myself :) But no century eggs :(


Followings are some of my food presentations that I have brought to my table...

Prawn noodle soup. Love the savory tasteof the soup. A little spicy, which I guessed was the inclusion of black pepper.

Friendly service, and food are quite nice too. They do change their food menu regularly, which is a good thing to attract constant patrons coming back! Would I come again? I don't see any reasion why should I not!


75 Airport Boulevard
2F Crowne Plaza Hotel
Singapore 819644

Tel: (65) 6823 5354

Opening Hours
Ala carte: 0600 - 1100 hours(Daily)
Buffet Breakfast: 0600 - 1030 hours (Daily)

Buffet Lunch: 1200 - 1430 hours (Mon - Fri)
Buffet Dinner: 1830 - 2230 hours (Daily)

Weekend Changi Brunch: 1230 - 1530 hours

*Closed from 1500 - 1800 hours on weekdays

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