Monday, 17 June 2013

Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

If someone were to ask me the number of times I stepped into any coffee houses, I would be embarrassed to say probably less than ten times in my whole life.

The reason is because neither am I a caffeine addict, nor do I crave for one. Well, probably once in a blue moon? Invitation by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf simply changes what I had for them before! Just coffee and tea? Nah.. Their breakfast simply awes me, especially their recent launch of Breakfast Specials, exclusively available at Takashimaya for a limited period!

With their Breakfast Specials only available at Ngee Ann City, it makes it quite convenient for diners to start their shopping spree in the midst of Orchard Road! Branch at Ngee Ann City has dim light, cosy ambience, and friendly crew to begin your meal with :)

While having a hard time deciding which to take, we headed for the drinks first. On the left is Iced Cafe Latte, and Berry'd Treasure. 

In case you are wondering, Berry'd Treasure is one of the several blended Swirl Yogurt non-coffee flavours. Made with mixed berry juice, sweet tart yogurt and topped with almonds, with additional whip cream, I do love this drink! For people who does not have sweet tooth, please strike off your "to-order" list :P

Four of the Breakfast Specials, named Egg Beef Patty ($13.00), Egg Florentine ($12.50), Egg Salmon & Asparagus ($14.00), and Egg Royal ($13.50). All four are served with two nicely-done poached eggs, on another two slices of toasts which are soft, easy to slice and chew :)

Egg Florentine, which comes with ham is delicious! Served with a mild of salt taste, this is perfect!

Egg Salmon & Asparagus is another recommendation of mine! With their bite-sized asparagus wrapped with salmon, I feel so healthy eating it! For readers who read from my past posts would have known that I am not a salmon lover. But this.. woah.. I love it!

Look carefully at the poached eggs. The yolk seems eager to slip out of the egg whites. Well, itchy hands of mine...

Here it goes... Not as oozy as I thought, but just nice. Otherwise I would have a hard time keeping the yolk from "running" all about on my plate...

In addition to the mains, we also ordered the sides. Out of the seven sides, we were recommended the Battered Mushroom with Mesquite Aioli.

Battered Mushroom with Mesquite Aioli ($6.00) has squishy mushroom in it. But I am not a fan for this side, for in the first place, of all others I have eaten before, there isn't much taste for this mushroom!!!

Mozarella Fritters with Tomato Salsa ($7.00). This is to be eaten when served hot, to prevent mozarella cheese from hardening, and making it a little difficult to chew. But on the outside, it is crispy and I do love it :)

Hand-cut Calamari with Dill Honey Mustard ($9.00). Neither overcooked nor extremely bouncy when chewed, this side is quit nice too.

Tempted to visit them for breakfast? Wait wait.. No rush. Their breakfast specials will go on till 31 July 2013! There's still plenty of days to taste their specials.

I like their breakfast and I see no reason why I shouldn't patronize them again. Their breakfast menu houses quite a variety, and it does gives me a little difficulty in deciding. Thank you "The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf" for inviting me to their new breakfast specials, as I enjoyed the food very much!

Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

391 Orchard Road
#B1-37 Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238872

Tel: (65) 6235 1610

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 0800 - 2300 hours

*Breakfast Specials: 0800 - 1100 hours

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  1. My favorite flavor is fruity it is prepared with an undertone of fruit such as green apples, citrus or berries. In general, fruity coffees ar spirited and refreshing.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak