Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Homemade - Stringing Sausages

I admit I am not a great cook, but I have interesting ideas going round my head to decorate my food presentation, and trying out possible ways of new food!

For hardcore instagram-ers, I believe you will find this dish familiar since weeks ago. It seems easy to prepare, and here I am... Standing in my kitchen, trying to get it started, without any proper recipe to follow.

1 Green/Red Capsicum
1 can of cocktail sausages
Some amount of Black Pepper Sauce
Small amount of Raisins (optional)
Some amount of Mozzarella Cheese
Few sticks of Spaghetti

Since the spaghetti is still raw, I basically try to poke it through the sausages. It looks so cool isn't it?? This is my impression of it when I saw it in instagram the first time!

Left it to boil for the spaghetti to soften and be edible, as well as the sausages... I leave it to boil for around 10-15 minutes.

After boiling, I took it out and left it to cool for awhile, before pan-frying it for couple of minutes. I liked my sausages to be pan-fried :) In the meantime, I cut open the green capsicum, digged out the contents and cook it under boiling water, and there's my presentation prop!

Last few steps includes stuffing the stringed sausages into the emptied-capsicum, black pepper sauce to go with the plain spaghetti, and mozzarella cheese to create the oozing out effect. Finished it off with some raisins, for no reason...

Doesn't look very appetizing, but it still tastes ok.. Spaghetti is springy and overall does not result in any weird taste. Probably any great cook able to improvise from my recipe and make it even better? :)


  1. This looks really good! I feel like giving it a try! But I don't really like cocktail sausages :(

  2. Pasta with sausages is a decent combo. Cheese and bell pepper is not too far behind, but when you include raisins into the whole concept it sort of makes it weird.