Monday, 3 June 2013

PARK at Holland Village

Newly opened just a couple of months back, this place is definitely worth a visit! Situated outside HSBC, Hatched, and Provence, "Park" is alone by itself where it used to be a carpark. Well, it does seems a nice place for me park my butt here too :)

It has both indoor and outdoor seatings. What I like about their outdoor seating is that they have "well-powered" fans that are cooling even in a warm weather, and they have a bar-counter like which you can have your drink/meal, and do some people watching.

Indoor space is pretty narrow, thus for big group gathering, indoor seating might not be feasible...

What can you relate to when you are in Holland Village? Pubs, maybe? They are opened till late, and is quite crowded at night thou.

Clipboard menu, and it seems that three quarter of the menu are alcohol listings!

Left this quarter which is mainly for food-goers.

(From left) Iced Latte ($6.00) and Bitter Lemon ($3.00). For Bitter Lemon, it isn't as bitter as you would have thought, but still not recommended for people who can't take bitter taste. But in contrast with its name, it is refreshing for me.

Ordered their PARK Wings ($8.50) which is indicated as one of the chef's recommendations. It comes served with a detachable wired grill like those seen in oven toaster.

Not super oily, and well fried. But taste wise, I would say a little above the average...

Eggs Benedict ($13.80) served with rosti, cherry tomatoes, crispy pair of bacon, edamame (japanese green beans), a small piece of bread as base, and of course the egg benedicts.

Runny egg yolk, soft & easy chewing for the bread and rosti. One thing I don't like is the crispy bacons, which I prefer softer and more chewing texture.

Beef Hayashi ($13.50) means beef stew. I like their serving pot-like container, which fits how beef haayshi is being prepared!

Beef chunks are soft, and small bits of carrot and potato cubes are thrown in. Sauce is sweet and thick. Love it max!

Serving size is not much, had a sweet dessert to go along.

As the menu title says, "On the Cake Stand", they have three types of cakes displayed along the line of drawers and cupboards. Who needs pictures now??

Lemon Meringue Cake ($9.90). No worries about the lemon, as it is not sour at all to irk you off. Cake is soft and meringue is sweet.. Overall seems very popular with my mouth :P Ohh.. and I loved the tiny old-school biscuit at the top <3

Price is steep on one hand, but it is worth your time and money on the other hand. Would love to try their Sage & Anchovy Risotto, and Egg in a Pocket which seems to be egg and other ingredients stuffed in mashed potato.. Yums. Even if you have no business around the area, taking a train/bus ride from the east, over for Park is not totally out of question :)


281 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278996

Tel: (65) 9183 4224

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1000 - 0200 hours
Sat - Sun: 0830 - 0200 hours


  1. Everyone speaks so highly of Singapore and I see why! I'm sure if I go there, I'll want to stay and not come back to Shanghai (as much as I love it here)

  2. Thank you for stopping at Park. We appreciate your business and thank you for your honest comments. You may be pleased to know that we have introduced a full menu now. Hope to see you again!

    - Park