Monday, 24 June 2013

The Fabulous Baker Boy

Passed by Liang Court several times, but little did I knew there is a cafe standing quietly opposite it. Hence, went there on one of my weekends for their brunch, and I would say, I'm satisfied!

The cafe signage is not prominently hanged or displayed for them to be identified, so kindly stay calm if you are trying to locate it (which is quite impossible to miss it). As long as you saw the "Viridian Art House" signage which is worded on the outside of the building, you know you going nowhere wrong.

It is a free seating cafe, so it's like a "please feel free to sit anywhere you like, as long as it is not occupied by butts or items like tissue paper"...

Menu is not available for distribution, so patrons need to walk to the cashier where the one and only menu is. But probably due to this, I felt that the "inside" was a little crowded, given that their interior space is just a narrow rectangular area.

If you are going during the weekends, only the food items listed under "Weekend Brunch" and "Thirst Quenchers" are available for your consideration.

While waiting for my turn to order, I had a look around the inside. With the hot weather outside, and only the interior is air-conditioned, how I hope I can stay here till I've cooled down...

No doubt, they accept reservations!

Not only these, at their outdoor seating, there is a corner with some cute little ornaments, and purchasable!

I love these max! Ain't they cute?

The only indoor seatings. What a bunch of lucky chaps...

Back to my table, we waited for about 10 minutes before our drinks came. Not a long wait with the tables filling up quite fast during the usual lunch hours.

Had ordered the Pearl of The Orient ($5.00). I ordered this in a rush to get my orders given, as there is a another patron behind me, and I have yet to decide on my drink. But it was a nice, refreshing drink, with some floral scent in it. You are able to request for hot water to refill your tea :) I had like 3-4 cups of it :P

Also had the Fab Ice Tea ($3.00). It also has a little floral scent in it, but Pearl of The Orient has a much sweeter scent and the hot water is able to bring out the floral taste more prominently.

Logically speaking, I should be having a cold drink in such a hot weather. Though I have not regretted ordering hot tea, we still ordered some plain water. It is rare to have cafe serving you a big bottle of plain water, except for mineral water bottles, and love the bottle too! Save the embarrassment to be asking for more, one cup after another!

Garlic Fries with Truffle Aioli ($9.50). Truffle is actually a fruiting body of certain fungi and is used commonly in French food. Aioli resembles a substitute of mayonnaise. There are several recipes in making aioli, and one is made by mixing lemon, eggs, garlic, and olive oil.

In any case, the truffle aioli fries here is crunchy on the outside, and mushy in the inside! I love dipping it with the aioli sauce! It is tasty, and comes in a big serving. Still find it expensive? You might want to re-consider again :)

Tuna Melt ($11.00) is baguette baked with dolphin free tuna blended with aioli, sweet relish and grain mustard, and topped with caramelized onions and cheese. It is meant to be nibbles or shared, I think. Comes in six big pieces and I had this as my main, and man.. I can't described how full I am.. Cheesy as it is, the tuna is tasty too. It all blend nicely to form this Tuna Melt!

Not trying to promote tabasco, but adding this to the baked top make the Tuna Melt even yummier!

Towkay Ng's Egg Benedict ($10.50), comes with two poached eggs served on a toasted brioche, sauteed spinach, roasted rosemary potatoes and an Italian version of a Hollandaise. Also added on Mexican Chicken Sausages ($4.00). The hollandaise sauce seems to have harden a little, but the yolk inside is still runny!! I made a slit on the poached egg, and the yolk came oozing out! Sausages and potatoes are normal. But overall, it's still delectable.

If you are looking for desserts, fret not. Not listed in the menu, but it is displayed right in front of when entering the cafe to the cashier.

They have only three varieties when I was there, and no matter how tempting they looked to me, I really have no empty space for those already.. The serving crew knew my answer when she asked me if I want any of it. Guessed I'm not the only one with "such" problem?

Would I go back? Why not? If you are planning for brunch, only weekends are available. For people who prefer to have pancakes, I can say the serving is quite filling too. Seen other patrons ordered it, and it seems twice or thrice the size of MacDonald. I have no craves for pancakes, but I would love to go for the House Cottage Pie. Based on their description, I have no reason to reject such temptation, and neither should you too :)

The Fabulous Baker Boy

70 River Valley Road
#01-15 The Foothills
Singapore 179037

Tel: (65) 6694 8336

Opening Hours
Tue - Thurs: 1100 - 1800 hours
Fri: 1100 - 2300 hours
Sat: 1030 - 2300 hours (Brunch served till 3pm)
Sun: 1030 - 1700 hours (Brunch served till 4pm)

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