Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Thoughts - Rice Dumpling

My favorite Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) is just round the corner!! Well... I'm not the person who loves to watch Dragon Boat competition, but probably taking some clear shots of the dragon boaters rowing the boat with sweat and determination.......

BUT that's not the main point! Well, let's shift the focus a bit to....

YES! Rice Dumplings, also known as "粽子".

There are quite a number of different dumplings, such as nyonya dumplings, vegetarian dumplings, etc. But my favorite is still the normal types, with meat and mushroom in it! If you have bought from outside stalls before, such dumplings are being differentiated by the color of the strings tied on it to hold the dumpling in shape.

Since a few years ago, my family are quite into making their own dumplings. One thing I like about this is that we can customize our dumplings with the sweetness, more meat and less of others :P The only ingredient I don't like is chestnut.. I like chestnuts when they are still juicy.. But chestnuts in rice dumplings are dried. Thus, I love to pick out the chestnuts before enjoying the dumpling :D

This year is not an exception. Well ahead, my parents have started making dumplings, and this is still their first batch. Haha... Year 2013's Dragon Boat Festival falls on 12 June 2013, which is different every year, but always on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month.

This is my favorite type of dumpling. "Black" type! Dark soy sauce is optional, but I added it for some visual effect :P In fact, if you are not so much of a sweet person, dark soy sauce should be left out.

Rice dumplings are made of glutinous rice, similar to the Japanese sushi rice type. Such rice will allow dumplings to mould and stay in triangular shape after being removed from the banana leaves. Such shape is made by folding the leaves into a triangular cylinder shape, filling the raw rice in, the ingredients, and followed by the rice again to cover up. Folding the leaves at the end is one skill that not all can master. Folding and tying without rice spilling out and ensuring still in triangular shape is no easy chore .-"

If you have the time, why not try making one for a change? There are a lot of recipes from online, but please note that I am not able to guarantee even a 50% success rate though!

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