Monday, 29 July 2013

Tim Ho Wan

This rave about Tim Ho Wan (添好运), coming all the way from Hong Kong to Singapore attracted positive and negative feedbacks, as most patrons tend to compare with their parent shop. I have yet to visit Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong before, and thus, my review are based on general dim sum eateries in Singapore.

Reached there around 0910 hours, and there is already a small queue.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

[Adv + Giveaway] La Tarte Tropezienne

Macaron is a household name now. But... Tarte Tropezienne? Concept of macaron, yet look of a hamburger?

Originating from Saint Tropez, in France, it was created by Alexander Micka, a Polish baker. Surprisingly, it was Brigitte Bardot, who acted "And God Created Woman" film in 1956, that make a twist to the fate of this mini cream cakes! It was also Brigitte, who suggested to name it after the town, and thus, Tarte Tropezienne.

Still being one of the popular treats, especially in French Riviera, it has finally made its way to Singapore!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

T.A.B. - Movie Review: Before Midnight

Was glad to attend the movie preview, "Before Midnight", hosted by and Shaw!

Sequel to "Before Sunrise", and "Before Sunset", the whole story revolves around 2 main characters whom started off from knowing each other through a overnight flight and departed before sunrise, and met again 9 years later, where they finally got together as a couple before sunset.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Humor
Classification: M18
Runtime: 108 minutes / 1 hr 48 mins

Once again, directed by Richard Linklater, we are looking at Ethan Hawke as Jesse Wallace, and Julie Delpy as Celine. Having together for 9 years, since the the last sequel, "Before Sunset", we are again witnessing the part and parcel of their life before midnight strikes again.

Movie started with Jesse sending his teenage son off at the airport, and followed by discussions over life and love with this wife, Celine, in the car while one the way back to their friend's house for dinner. Amidst the teasing and joking, quarrels arises too, which make this whole plot quite similar to real-life scenerios.

My Thoughts

Having missed the previous 2 sequels, I went to attend this movie screening with an open mind. Movie plot is pretty straightforward, and it is not necessary to have watched the previous sequels for this. But of course having said that, it would make this whole movie much more meaningful if you have known how this couple met and got together, till now.

Whole movie revolves around a few hours, all in a day. Where they sent off Jesse's son from previous marriage, to dinner at their friend, Patrick's house, supposing overnight stay at hotel room, and lastly ending off at a outdoor cafeteria by the sea.

Several parts in the movie are quite humorous, which actually kick off your laughing "acupunture" points! For movie-goers who are in a relationship, or been in one, will find this movie pretty interesting due to the similar events being experienced by oneself. In this movie, one gets to see from an outsider view of how a male and female behave and act while in a quarrel, and the gender diffferences in perspective.

For people who are expecting some action-packed and such, it is definitely not a recommendation. Although rated M18, it is more on the speech and conversation between the characters. Not too obscene or vulgar, this movie can simply be put off as relaxing show to watch for romance-movie lovers, or even for singles who wishes to let off their laughing gas :)

Releasing on 25 July 2013 in Shaw Theatres, this might be one of your to-watch-list!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nasi Lemak Kukus

Was glad to be able to attend OpenRice's Food Tasting session. Located along the old street of Upper Thomson Road, where some great food stalls awaits you, such as the popular "Yong Tau Foo" beside the petrol station, there lies another signature, Nasi Lemak Kukus!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Habitat Coffee

A small cafe located along Upper Thomson Road. It might not be able to catch your attention easily, but if it does, you should consider walking in for a meal :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

T.A.B. - Movie Review: Welcome To The Punch

Was glad to attend the movie preview, "Welcome To The Punch", hosted by and Shaw!

I have no idea of this movie being one of the upcoming titles, and had to google on the movie sypnosis for a better idea before I can make head or tails during the screening...

Genre: Action/Crime/Thriller
Classification: NC16
Runtime: 100 minutes / 1 hr 40 mins

Directed by Eran Creevy, who has won the Best Dance Video at the UK Music Video Awards 2008, stars James McAvoy (Charles Xavier, in "X-Men: First Class"), Mark Strong (Lord Blackwood, in "Sherlock Holmes"), and Andrea Riseborough (Victoria, in "Oblivion"), in this London-based movie. The plot mainly focus around Max Lewinsky (Police) and Jacob Sternwood (Ex-Criminal).

The story started off with how Max got entangled with Jacob in his last crime, before residing in Icelandic for hideaway. Jacob was eventually being forced to return to London, when his son contacted him about his involvement in a crime that has gone out of track... Thus, this gives Max one last chance to take "revenge" on Jacob, whom humiliated and physically scarred him for life. But little did they knew, it's not about them only, but a more scheming counterplot that awaits them to solve together than an elimination round.

My Thoughts

Not being used to the British accent, I actually have problem catching up with their words. But fortunately, the actions are clear-cut, and got me back on track pretty fast. Movie progress is kinda slow-paced, action stunts aren't that plenty, thus not recommended for action-packed movie-goers!

But I loved how Eran directed the cinematography, and the gun-shooting scenes, where it does really kept me starring at the screen in order not to miss any part of that zestful shooting scenes, especially in the hotel room and container terminal. Not forgetting minimal parts of the script which are actually quite humourous!

Overall, I felt that in reality, not everything is as simple as we thought it would be. Max wholeheartedly wanted to revenge on Jacob for what he did to him before, but plot twisted a little which resulted in both being to complement each other, pushing the initial thought to be secondary. This should taught us to cherish everyone in our life, as we do not know when we will need their forte or help to clear the obstacle lying ahead of you.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Malaysia, Skudai - Yong Sheng Gift Shop

Had this strawberry patterned swiss roll probably months ago, and found this to be quite interesting. After researching, I went to Sutera Mall thou the nearest is still City Square. Sutera Mall is probably 20-30plus kilometres away from Woodlands Immigration Checkpoint.

Was looking around for this shop named "Mika", and was told by one lady that it is at level 1. We went in search for it but couldn't find one. So fortunately, there is another confectionary selling exactly the same type of swiss roll, but probably lesser designs.

Bought this Chocolate Bear Swiss Roll (RM8.90) which is actually coffee with chocolate. And another one which I have the name completely lost in my memory, is vanilla flavor. There have of course other types like strawberry, pandan, etc. and there are samples!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

T.A.B. - Marine View from Ocean Restaurant

As from my previous post, Ocean Restaurant, I did mentioned that it was an awesome experience to have a meal, and at the same time watching the lovely marines performing their graceful moves right in front of you :)

As a avid diver myself, I am glad to be able to get a few clear shots, which are mostly stingrays!

Also a ray, but specifically Eagle Ray, which is also the most outstanding cartilaginous fish in the world.

Known as the Unicorn Fish, distinctly with a horn-like shape on the "forehead".

How can one not imagine being one of the divers working in S.E.A. Aquarium?!?!

Going back to the ray, another type of ray is the Manta Ray! Seen this magnificent giant couple of times during my dive trips. Thus I know how they loved to play with bubbles that divers blew out :D Check out the video!

There is a diving activity for certified divers in S.E.A Aquarium. But costing at around $1.2k, it is roughly the price I paid for my overseas diving trip for days! While this only accumulates up to 30 minutes of diving :c

Monday, 8 July 2013

Ocean Restaurant

Ever since Marine Life Park was opened, I admit I am one of those who can't wait to experience it first hand. Went to the Aquarium, and then the Adventure Cove Water Park. Both attractions are fun.. So do give them a visit if you have yet too!

Finally, completing my last thing on the list, probably not... Ocean Restaurant!

Friday, 5 July 2013

Mr Bean

Brought my camera for servicing yesterday, and I was glad to receive news that I can collect it in less than half a day! But because of my schedule, I couldn't wait for more than fifteen minutes, thus I decided to return and collect the next day during my lunch break.

And so, here I am, testing out my "baby" whom has returned from her "health check" :D

Checked out Mr Bean for some snacks for tea break later on.

One woud have thought of soya milk, or their variety of flavored pancakes. Something caught my eye instead.. The biscuits!

Only two flavors available, which are bean paste and pineapple, each costing only $1.00!

Compact-packed bean paste, hence there wasn't much of a mess after a bite off. Taste of bean paste is satisfactory sweet :)

I was more of looking forward to the pineapple-flavor. During CNY, one thing I won't missed out will be pineapple tarts.. Any one with me??? :D

Pineapple taste is strong and sweet.. Super like it!

Generally, they are not stingy with their fillings, which is one thing I like about Mr Bean! You can actually have a cup of coffee or tea to complement with the above biscuits. Non-greasy snack, perfect for health-conscious people!

Mr Bean

1 Maritime Square
#01-K4 HarbourFront Centre
Singapore 099253

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 0630 - 2200 hours
Sun & PH: 0730 - 2200 hours

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Haji Lane, as heard and known by many, is a place popular among teens for local designers to house their creations, and some exotic food, not found in most neighborhoods.

Being one of the extraordinary, stand SushiAirways, depicting airline theme with some stewardess-like service :) Ready to board the plane? Let's proceed with the check-in!

Boarding pass? Oh well, no check for your boarding pass yet!

Popular with their lunch deal, its only $15! Why am I not working around Beach Road?!?!?!

"Welcome to SushiAirways. Flight bound to Baghdad Street! Please collect your boarding pass and take your seat" :)