Saturday, 27 July 2013

[Adv + Giveaway] La Tarte Tropezienne

Macaron is a household name now. But... Tarte Tropezienne? Concept of macaron, yet look of a hamburger?

Originating from Saint Tropez, in France, it was created by Alexander Micka, a Polish baker. Surprisingly, it was Brigitte Bardot, who acted "And God Created Woman" film in 1956, that make a twist to the fate of this mini cream cakes! It was also Brigitte, who suggested to name it after the town, and thus, Tarte Tropezienne.

Still being one of the popular treats, especially in French Riviera, it has finally made its way to Singapore!

Sample box was delivered to me by an external courier service. As recommended, these brioches can be kept at room temperature for 24 hours, and best consumed within three days. Yes, keep it chilled for utmost enjoyment!

Currently they have Classic Flavors, such as Vanilla (original), Chocolate, Lime, Green Tea, Hazelnut, and Coffee. In addition, they have two other seasonal flavors, strawberry and raspberry.. To accomodate to our Singaporean "taste", they have durian flavor to-come! Those in the sample box that I've pleasantly recevied are Lime, Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Coffee :D

Tagged along are two cute flags, written "let them eat tarte.", and "forget macarons." :O

My take? Puffy bread, and creamy pastry filling! Together with a sprinkle of pearl sugar at the top, it's no surprise why it is still so popular back in France! French sweet pastry for sweet-toothed ones? You should! Plus, its so ideal for tea-snacks and desserts!!

Available in 2 sizes, each bite-sized (35 gram) costs $2.50 for classic flavors, while seasonal flavors are priced at $3.50. If you looking for a party size of 8-10 pax, they have it available in a bigger size at $35-40, with all above-mentioned flavors available. Furthermore, what I liked about them is that they are constantly making out new flavors to cater to a wider group of "tastebuds"... How sweet of them right?? :D

Here I am, wanting to share the exact nice, and cute treats to 5 lucky winners!

Follow the listed steps to stand a chance to win, till 31 July 2013 ^.^

At present, they only do courier service. But for the 5 lucky winners (optional), and readers who would like to physically look at it first, may want to pay them a pleasing visit at PasarBella Farmer's Market on 3rd-4th August, and 17th-18th August!

La Tarte Tropezienne

Tel: (65) 9076 3800
Online Form: Order here


  1. This is so cute and interesting! A nice option being a kawaii birthday 'cake' for me! =D Thank you for blogging and sharing this! =D

    Facebook name: Ng Qi Yan

  2. Hi! Liked and shared too:) Hope to try these goodies!

    -Li Tian-