Friday, 19 July 2013

Habitat Coffee

A small cafe located along Upper Thomson Road. It might not be able to catch your attention easily, but if it does, you should consider walking in for a meal :)

They have a upper storey which has a small window panel allowing to look through to the lower storey.

Basically you will be given the menu after being brought to your seat, and informed to place your order at the cashier once ready.

Prices are affordable, and it basically costed us around $43 nett for drinks, mains, and a truffle fries for 2 pax. A brief snapshot of their menu.

(From left) Ice Habitat Fusion Tea - Lychee ($4.90), Ice Lemon-up ($4.50).

Hello Truffle Fries ($8.00) dressed with fine grated parmesan. This is their home-seasoned truffle fries, and it's quite good, though not the best. Crispy and not oily :)

The Big Ben ($14.00) consists of scrambled egg & honey baked ham on english fluff, with chicken cheese sausage, oven baked tomato and mini potato pancakes. Runny scrambled eggs, and fluff is easy to slice apart, adding on with sausage being firm and chewy. Not forgetting about their potato pancakes which actually taste like hashbrowns - soft and crisp. It all comes with a sauce, which I believe is hollandaise sauce!

The Shrooms ($12.00) has poached egg & sauteed mushroom on brioche bread, topped with homemade hollandaise sauce. Needless to say, thumbs up for runny poached egg! With a pinch of salt taste on the mushroom, the shroom seems like another main to go for.

It may seems that coffee is their specialty, but I think their food, probably their all-day-breakfast (Sat & Sun only) is quite good too. As I went during my dinner time, I skipped the caffeine drinks in consideration for my sleep at night. But in any case, seems like another comfy place to have your laptop with you in there, and enjoying a relaxing afternoon!

Habitat Coffee

223 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574355

Tel: (65) 6456 2567

Opening Hours
Mon: Closed
Tue - Fri: 1100 - 2230 hours
Sat - Sun: 1030 - 2230 hours

*Kitchen closes at 2130 hours
*Brunch available till 1730 hours on weekdays


  1. Near my area. I've only popped by once to takeaway their giant choc cookie and the strawberry tart. Prices for brunch looks good!:) thanks for sharing!

    1. You are welcome :) how was their cookie n tart? Probably i can pop by again to try it!

  2. looks nice! thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I like the iced tea.I want to have a try if I can.