Friday, 5 July 2013

Mr Bean

Brought my camera for servicing yesterday, and I was glad to receive news that I can collect it in less than half a day! But because of my schedule, I couldn't wait for more than fifteen minutes, thus I decided to return and collect the next day during my lunch break.

And so, here I am, testing out my "baby" whom has returned from her "health check" :D

Checked out Mr Bean for some snacks for tea break later on.

One woud have thought of soya milk, or their variety of flavored pancakes. Something caught my eye instead.. The biscuits!

Only two flavors available, which are bean paste and pineapple, each costing only $1.00!

Compact-packed bean paste, hence there wasn't much of a mess after a bite off. Taste of bean paste is satisfactory sweet :)

I was more of looking forward to the pineapple-flavor. During CNY, one thing I won't missed out will be pineapple tarts.. Any one with me??? :D

Pineapple taste is strong and sweet.. Super like it!

Generally, they are not stingy with their fillings, which is one thing I like about Mr Bean! You can actually have a cup of coffee or tea to complement with the above biscuits. Non-greasy snack, perfect for health-conscious people!

Mr Bean

1 Maritime Square
#01-K4 HarbourFront Centre
Singapore 099253

Opening Hours
Mon - Sat: 0630 - 2200 hours
Sun & PH: 0730 - 2200 hours

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