Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nasi Lemak Kukus

Was glad to be able to attend OpenRice's Food Tasting session. Located along the old street of Upper Thomson Road, where some great food stalls awaits you, such as the popular "Yong Tau Foo" beside the petrol station, there lies another signature, Nasi Lemak Kukus!

Place does not look very well decorated at a glance, but on closer look, it gives patrons a space to scribble and draw... Where in Singapore are you allowed to display your affection for graffitti? Or probably not.. Anyway, simple place, friendly and smiley crew :)

Going straight to their drinks, I had the popular iced Drip Coffee. Using the Vietnamese style, coffee is dripping from the top through a simple filtering tool, and into the cup filled with milk. Once coffee has been fully dripped, probably around a little above three-quarter full, remove the top and stirred to mix the milk and coffee together. Poured into a cup with ice, and it is just that awesome! But not for people without "sweet-tooth" :P

Choosing between set meals or ala-carte, owner decided to use a different way of serving diners. Hmmm.. what about letting diners scoop their own preferable amount of rice and dishes?

For ala-carte, its self-service, and possibly, a little more time to consider which to take. I bet most of us had enough of stall-owners waiting for you to decide, making you feel so pressurized??

They do have quite a variety of dishes!

No "business" for their rice? In fact, their rice is one of the signature! Their coconut rice are steamed rather than the usual boiled method. Longer time needed to cook the rice, but end-result emits a strong fragrance of coconut and pandan :)

And no, you do not have to rub your eyes. Free-flow of rice and sambals! I had the sweet sambal, which is the more traditional type. Living up to its "name", definitely sweet, and not so spicy.

Payment time! Tips is optional, for your information! Kindly do not be mistaken :P

Here's what I've got. Coconut rice, sweet sambal, rendang, chili fishball, fried egg, cabbage, and my favorite hotdogs! Trust me, I finished up the whole plate!

Craving for more? You can go for their free-flow rice with sambal if you do not wish to spend more, or try their burgers! Ramly-style!

Definitely a place I would visit again, and especially when my hunger starts drumming in the late night! Comparing to nearby neighbours, such as Chong Pang Nasi Lemak and Punggol Nasi Lemak, Nasi Lemak Kukus emerge as the winner!

Nasi Lemak Kukus

908 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 787111

Tel: (65) 8222 9517

Opening Hours
Tue - Sun: 1800 - 0300 hours


  1. will definitely recommend to all my muslim friends!! :) thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Its my pleasure! I hope your muslim friends and even yourself will like this place too :)

  2. wah, this looks awesome. I want some local food loving. haven't had local food since I went on a salad diet. :(

    1. I wish i could make myself stick to a salad diet for at least a week! Haha. Anyway, you might want to consider take a break from the diet, and pamper yourself for one meal, for this :)