Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Haji Lane, as heard and known by many, is a place popular among teens for local designers to house their creations, and some exotic food, not found in most neighborhoods.

Being one of the extraordinary, stand SushiAirways, depicting airline theme with some stewardess-like service :) Ready to board the plane? Let's proceed with the check-in!

Boarding pass? Oh well, no check for your boarding pass yet!

Popular with their lunch deal, its only $15! Why am I not working around Beach Road?!?!?!

"Welcome to SushiAirways. Flight bound to Baghdad Street! Please collect your boarding pass and take your seat" :)

Interior of SushiAirways. Limited seats, I would say. But ambience is alright, with soft music and comfortably air-conditioned. Ever encounter stewardess without a smile? Needless to say, crew are with smiles! Fortunately, they have much more windows seats as compared with other airlines.

Instead of safety instruction leaflet, they rather appease your stomach first. Confuse? Need recommendations? The crew are more than happy to assist you.

First being served, Grilled Fugu ($16.00). It is actually grilled marinated pufferfish, that comes with a spicy sauce at the side. This is best to be eaten hot, and it taste like our chinese "Bak Kwa". Pretty chewy. Spicy sauce is not really spicy, and goes very well with the fugu.

Kurobuta Katsu ($15.90), USA black pork with tonkatsu sauce. Fried till crisp, yet pork is soft. The aroma will inevitably flow to my nostrils when served. Comes with sweet sauce.

SushiAirways without sushi? You kidding me?? No way I will skip their special marinated rice! Sushi/Maki roll is a must to order, in my opinion :)

California Maki Roll ($15.00), consist of crab meat, flying fish roe, and omelette. Only one word to describe - delicious! I am usually not a fan of fish roe, but this is simply hard to resist. Juicy fish roe, and I basically went to spoon up the remaining roe on the plate, into my mouth :D

Kani Mentai Cheese ($30.00), consist of crab meat, with baked cheese and mentai. Another word to describe? Mmmm.. Yummylicious! Despite having baked cheese, the cheesy taste is not overwhelming at all.

And..... A surpise cake for my birthday celebration :) This cake is not part of their dessert list, but specially bought by the crew when they knew its a birthday reservation! So kind of them, actually. Even though it's out of their way to purchase a cake for us, it wasn't just pick'n'go. Cake is quite nice too :)

"Thank you for flying with SushiAirways. We hope to see you soon!"

I would say this is a hidden jem. Situated at the junction, without much of a eye-attention except for a "wing" if anyone happens to look up. It would have been a waste to miss it!

Prices may be a little steep, but definitely worth the price. Food are made on the spot, so will take some time, but intervals are satisfactory. Crew are friendly and courteous, and always appear to you with a smile, even the sushi chefs themselves :) A great experience, awesome food, polite service!

Thank you SushiAirways, for making my birthday "flight" an awesome one <3


20A Baghdad Street
Singapore 199659

Tel: (65) 6291 1151

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 1430 hours (Lunch)
                   1430 - 1800 hours (Tea)
                   1800 - 2230 hours (Dinner)

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