Wednesday, 10 July 2013

T.A.B. - Marine View from Ocean Restaurant

As from my previous post, Ocean Restaurant, I did mentioned that it was an awesome experience to have a meal, and at the same time watching the lovely marines performing their graceful moves right in front of you :)

As a avid diver myself, I am glad to be able to get a few clear shots, which are mostly stingrays!

Also a ray, but specifically Eagle Ray, which is also the most outstanding cartilaginous fish in the world.

Known as the Unicorn Fish, distinctly with a horn-like shape on the "forehead".

How can one not imagine being one of the divers working in S.E.A. Aquarium?!?!

Going back to the ray, another type of ray is the Manta Ray! Seen this magnificent giant couple of times during my dive trips. Thus I know how they loved to play with bubbles that divers blew out :D Check out the video!

There is a diving activity for certified divers in S.E.A Aquarium. But costing at around $1.2k, it is roughly the price I paid for my overseas diving trip for days! While this only accumulates up to 30 minutes of diving :c

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