Wednesday, 24 July 2013

T.A.B. - Movie Review: Before Midnight

Was glad to attend the movie preview, "Before Midnight", hosted by and Shaw!

Sequel to "Before Sunrise", and "Before Sunset", the whole story revolves around 2 main characters whom started off from knowing each other through a overnight flight and departed before sunrise, and met again 9 years later, where they finally got together as a couple before sunset.

Genre: Drama/Romance/Humor
Classification: M18
Runtime: 108 minutes / 1 hr 48 mins

Once again, directed by Richard Linklater, we are looking at Ethan Hawke as Jesse Wallace, and Julie Delpy as Celine. Having together for 9 years, since the the last sequel, "Before Sunset", we are again witnessing the part and parcel of their life before midnight strikes again.

Movie started with Jesse sending his teenage son off at the airport, and followed by discussions over life and love with this wife, Celine, in the car while one the way back to their friend's house for dinner. Amidst the teasing and joking, quarrels arises too, which make this whole plot quite similar to real-life scenerios.

My Thoughts

Having missed the previous 2 sequels, I went to attend this movie screening with an open mind. Movie plot is pretty straightforward, and it is not necessary to have watched the previous sequels for this. But of course having said that, it would make this whole movie much more meaningful if you have known how this couple met and got together, till now.

Whole movie revolves around a few hours, all in a day. Where they sent off Jesse's son from previous marriage, to dinner at their friend, Patrick's house, supposing overnight stay at hotel room, and lastly ending off at a outdoor cafeteria by the sea.

Several parts in the movie are quite humorous, which actually kick off your laughing "acupunture" points! For movie-goers who are in a relationship, or been in one, will find this movie pretty interesting due to the similar events being experienced by oneself. In this movie, one gets to see from an outsider view of how a male and female behave and act while in a quarrel, and the gender diffferences in perspective.

For people who are expecting some action-packed and such, it is definitely not a recommendation. Although rated M18, it is more on the speech and conversation between the characters. Not too obscene or vulgar, this movie can simply be put off as relaxing show to watch for romance-movie lovers, or even for singles who wishes to let off their laughing gas :)

Releasing on 25 July 2013 in Shaw Theatres, this might be one of your to-watch-list!

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