Thursday, 18 July 2013

T.A.B. - Movie Review: Welcome To The Punch

Was glad to attend the movie preview, "Welcome To The Punch", hosted by and Shaw!

I have no idea of this movie being one of the upcoming titles, and had to google on the movie sypnosis for a better idea before I can make head or tails during the screening...

Genre: Action/Crime/Thriller
Classification: NC16
Runtime: 100 minutes / 1 hr 40 mins

Directed by Eran Creevy, who has won the Best Dance Video at the UK Music Video Awards 2008, stars James McAvoy (Charles Xavier, in "X-Men: First Class"), Mark Strong (Lord Blackwood, in "Sherlock Holmes"), and Andrea Riseborough (Victoria, in "Oblivion"), in this London-based movie. The plot mainly focus around Max Lewinsky (Police) and Jacob Sternwood (Ex-Criminal).

The story started off with how Max got entangled with Jacob in his last crime, before residing in Icelandic for hideaway. Jacob was eventually being forced to return to London, when his son contacted him about his involvement in a crime that has gone out of track... Thus, this gives Max one last chance to take "revenge" on Jacob, whom humiliated and physically scarred him for life. But little did they knew, it's not about them only, but a more scheming counterplot that awaits them to solve together than an elimination round.

My Thoughts

Not being used to the British accent, I actually have problem catching up with their words. But fortunately, the actions are clear-cut, and got me back on track pretty fast. Movie progress is kinda slow-paced, action stunts aren't that plenty, thus not recommended for action-packed movie-goers!

But I loved how Eran directed the cinematography, and the gun-shooting scenes, where it does really kept me starring at the screen in order not to miss any part of that zestful shooting scenes, especially in the hotel room and container terminal. Not forgetting minimal parts of the script which are actually quite humourous!

Overall, I felt that in reality, not everything is as simple as we thought it would be. Max wholeheartedly wanted to revenge on Jacob for what he did to him before, but plot twisted a little which resulted in both being to complement each other, pushing the initial thought to be secondary. This should taught us to cherish everyone in our life, as we do not know when we will need their forte or help to clear the obstacle lying ahead of you.

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