Wednesday, 28 August 2013

4 & a Half Gourmands

Located beside Fragrance Hotel, this bistro somehow does not catches much attention.

Simple, classic look with limited seats for grab. No effort took to clean the empty wet table even after we were seated.

We had purchased a Streetdeal voucher, and costs $13.99/pax for a 4 course meal.

First course, drinks. Allowed to order coffee, tea or juices, and we had orange juice and lime juice, which are the only two options.

Second course, is the mushroom soup. One of my favorite soup of all time! The taste is so-so...

Third course, which is also the main course, is/are disappointing... Egg Benedicts are not well-cooked, vinegar taste is overwhelming, and are quite petty with their hollandaise sauce, suppose to be. Definitely one of the worst brunch I ever had, and not worth the money spent on the deal.

We had the Gourmands Egg Benny. A pair of Egg Benedict served sort of picnic ham type on english  muffin, with fries.

Another simple plain main. Grilled Mushroom Lover, comes with egg benedict on english muffin, grilled mushrooms and fries. The grilled mushroom is too moist, by the way.

The most sumptuous of all 3 mains we ordered, American Heart Attack. Similar to Egg Benny, a pair of Egg Benedict on picnic ham, with a pair of burnt chicken sausage, bacon, hashbrown, and beans. No muffin??

Fourth course, comes the dessert. Wanted to order the Homemade Double Chocolate Brownie as one of our dessert, but crew told us it's not available. Brunch at 1100 hours, and its already out-of-stock or such? Ain't a cafe suppose to have all items ready before opening? Weird...

So, we had the Homemade Carrot Cake. Satisfactory level of moist, making it easier to chew, and has cinnamon taste.

Another dessert is the Low Fat Ricotta Cheesecake. If you are a fan of cheesecake, this might be a huge disappointment, and surprisingly, it comes with taste of mushroom in the aftertaste?! All of us agreed on this point, even though I'm the one who had the Grilled Mushroom Lover.

I wouldn't patronize them again, unless it's just a small group of gathering for drinks, and a relaxed chillout. Food wise, I wouldn't bother ordering anymore. Such brunch can be easily cook by anyone at home. Did I mentioned water (vinegar) was not drained completely from the egg benedict before placing on plate?

Anyway, heard they have changed the name of the restuarant to The Gourmands Dining Bar, on voucher deals. 

4 & a Half Gourmands

20 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059663

Tel: (65) 9388 9541

Opening Hours
Sun - Thurs: 1000 - 2230 hours
Fri - Sat: 1000 - 0030 hours

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