Monday, 26 August 2013

CAD Cafe

Newly opened cafe in Haji Lane, CAD Cafe, which literally means Coffee, Art, and Design :)

They have indoor and outdoor seatings. I chose the outdoor, because of the awesome weather and the design of a chair with material of a gunny sack? But only the two tables directly outside the entrance of the cafe have such chairs...

Flowers on each table...

Indoor isn't spacious, yet parade various art and design works from international-renowned artists to local upcoming and student works. Simply fits the theme of Haji Lane right :)

Food menu is a long board behind the cashier, while drinks are on the cashier tabletop! If you are not sure which are their faves, go ahead and ask the counter crew for assistance.

Latte ($5.00).

Latte Noisette.

One of the recommendation from them, is CAD Florentine! Having toast, egg benedict, smoked salmon, and spinach. The taste is marvelous, especially the smoked salmon :D

Another "into-stomach" recommendation is their Beef Sausage Omelette. It has toast, spinach, and beef sausage, red capsicum, and cherry tomatoes wrapped within the omelette. Beef sausage is a little spicy with peppery taste, and I can't stop fork-ing it into my mouth :P

They accept reservations although there are limited seats, as we can see. Crew are friendly, and attentive to serve and refill your ice-water. Unlike other places, their ice-water have lemon, orange, and mint in it! No wonder I had this refreshing feeling after having a sip of it :D

Definitely a must-visit cafe if you are near or in Haji Lane. They are opened till late through the week, so stop by for a drink at night! Pssst... their breakfast menu are available till 1900 hours!!!

CAD Cafe

23 Haji Lane
Singapore 189216


Opening Hours
Mon - Wed: 0800 - 2000 hours
Thurs - Fri: 0800 - 0000 hours
Sat: 1000 - 0000 hours
Sun: 1000 - 2000 hours


  1. The cafe looks really cool. Thanks for sharing. I see that their operating hours are pretty long.

    1. Yeo.. Teir operating hours are long, yet still provide great customer service :) Indeed worth commending!