Thursday, 1 August 2013

Eighteen Chefs

Wanted to eat sushi recently, and realized it was long gone, and replaced by Eighteen Chefs. With such unexpected finding, I researched about it, and told myself, "I should try it!".

I was attracted to this panel of wall for a few minutes upon seated. Somehow... it just caught my attention.. Haha..

Right, and here's how you placed your order.

1. Run your fingers through the underside of your table, where the order chit and menu is "hidden"
2. Refer to the menu, and write down your orders
3. Plant your legs along the way to cashier with your completed order chit
4. Make the payment, and proceed back to your table with the receipt
5. For free ice-water, walk to the nearest water station where disposable cups are, and use them
6. Wait... for your food.

For convenience, here is the food menu sourced from For the updated food menu, they have added double cheese for baked rice & pasta!!! Yums! (*kindly note that menu list is not updated, and so is the price)

I want to be a chef!!! A little indecisive in the sauce and ingredients, but it was done eventually!

I realized most tables ordered Homemade Ice Lemon Tea. Give such hype, I ordered it too :) Copycat, you may say...

Pasta added with spicy garlic sauce, mushrooms and prawns ($12.30). Prawns are crunchy, and sauce is creamy too. Pasta a little hard yet with a little bounce too. And yes, do not be deceived by its looks. It is spicier than it seems to be, and upon closer look, you will spot cut-chili padi...

Cheese baked rice with creamy mango sauce, chicken sausage and minced beef ($11.30). I kind of regretted choosing the creamy mango sauce, as it doesn't mixed well with the baked rice. I should have gone for something spicer instead of sweet sauce. Nevertheless, It's still delicious :)

They have another branch in Tiong Bahru Plaza, just in case you are around the area. They accept reservations, but walk-in is also feasible as they suggested, even if reservations are full that day. I went during the weekend, and although it was fully packed, I got my seats in less than 15 minutes! Generally, food is not bad, and service is commendable too :) I just love to customize my food.. :P

I would love to go again and try another creation of mine, or maybe try their pre-fixed mains and sides for some nibbles :D

Eighteen Chefs

8 Grange Road
#04-02 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695

Tel: (65) 6736 3800

Opening Hours
Mon - Thurs: 1200 - 2130 hours
Fri - Sat: 1200 - 2230 hours
Sun: 1200 - 2130 hours


  1. i love the concept behind 18 chefs. A kinda yellow ribbon project. I have been wanting to visit them and help them by writing an entry but aiya no time.

    1. You should! The food are generally acceptable, and can be pretty interesting depending on how you mix and match your combination. Haha.