Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store, Clarke Quay (27 July 2013 - 26 August 2013)

Quite a prominent pop-up store, pub-goers should have seen this since 27 July 2013. Perhaps, Magnum "addictors" too? :P

Coincidentally, 27 July was also the launch date for Magnum Black & Pink, which I have yet to get my hands on :(

It was said that the queue was tremendously long, thus, you can't blame me for being surprised when there were several empty seats, in a weekend evening.

Nonetheless, I went in happily to satisfy my ice-cream crave :D

Small store with limited seats, but specially placed are two comfy corners at the left and right of the entrance.

Inside this store, you are able to select either or both types, "Design My Magnum" or "Pre-Creations" from Magnum company, in the menu. Well, why not have both?

Straight from the menu, I had the Venice in a Jar ($14.00). Combination of coffee and rum-infused sponge fingers, mascarpone cheese, chocolate flakes, and a Magnum.

Now comes the fun part of the Magnum Pleasure Store! Designing my own Magnum, which sadly does not mean practical session for you. But more on selecting what you want to have on your Magnum ice-cream.

Design My Magnum ($6.36) allows you to choose three toppings, with one full chocolate coating, and another drizzle of chocolate coating, to finish up the whole process.

With three chocolate bases, milk, dark, and white, you get to choose one which they will dip your Magnum ice-cream into, and then sprinkle your three toppings over it.

Next, from the same three chocolate bases, you can choose another one for the drizzle presentation.

Here's my unique creation! My toppings are almond flake, popping candy, and rice puff. Base coating is milk chocolate, and drizzle is dark chocolate. Do you want a bite? :D

Bet you are hoping for designing such patterns right? Fat hope! :P

This is their first stop in Singapore, and will be in Clarke Quay till 26 August 2013. Having left a few weeks more, do drop in for an ice-cream before it vanish and appears nowhere again... Probably before you even knew it, they might be out of Singapore then! So catch them, before time runs out :)

Magnum Singapore Pleasure Store, Clarke Quay

30 River Valley Road
Clarke Quay Central Fountain
Singapore 179023

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 1200 - 2300 hours


  1. Is this in Singapore!? Oh gosh this is so amazing.
    Magnum has certainly gone up a level higher and has became so sophisticated. Shall try them out soon :)

    1. Yep, its currently still at Clarke Quay, Singapore :) Will be moving secretly to another place in Singapore after 26 Aug though.

  2. Hello sorry may i know if there will be updates regarding the new magnum store? I would like to visit it on sept 6! hahah.

    1. Hi, I have no idea. It is suppose to be mysterious hunt for it! Haha. I believe you can google or follow their facebook page for updates :) The facebook link is just above the address. Hope you like it too :D

  3. I read on other blogs and the magnum SG FB that it's a roving store, it'll move around, and next stop is i think vivo city. Personally, i don't think this is a smart move - to move all the time!

    1. I do slightly agree with you, but perhaps doing so will get them expose to other areas of Singaporeans who find it a hassle to travel out of their comfort zone? :)

  4. Hi.. May I know where is it now?
    Vivo 1 had move away..

    1. Based on their facebook update, it seems to be moving to Raffles City soon :)