Monday, 19 August 2013

Platypus Test Kitchen

Hidden in a secluded corner in Clifford Centre, Platypus Test Kitchen is one of the concept out of three, where Test Kitchen focus on pasta & risotto, Platypus Family Dining and Platypus Kitchen, focusing on family and children-friendly meals, and bistro respectively.

Being the pioneer restaurant, they keep this branch as special as possible! As the name suggests, this is the place to try out their latest creations and innovations for pastas and risottos.

Simple ordering process and food comes relatively fast to your table too. Provided with a table tag, bring it along to your table from the cashier and wait to be served.

Simple and straightforward menu. Less hassle in deciding your food especially for white-collared people. Why hesitate and end up rushing to finish your lunch??

Just $4.50 more to get a complete set meal with soup & beverage of your choice!

Starting from the left is Lychee Peach Tea, and Passionfruit Tea. Something like syrup drink, so be sure to stir well.

Chosen mushroom soup out of a total of three soups and 1 salad. Not the usual campbell soup, but nice to sip on while waiting for your food.

Meatballs Garganelli ($15.50) with homemade meatballs braised in pomodoro sauce. Basically tomato sauce drenched on the meatballs. Meatballs are 100% beef, and are squishy! Whole dish is not too sour, just nice.

Carbonara ($13.50) uses linguini, tossed with double smoked bacon in an egg-yolk cream sauce. If you are looking for something creamy, their Carbonara is a better choice than Meatballs Garganelli.

Their food are rather average, but sufficient enough for office workers to have a nice meal, saving much time on deciding the food, and fast serving time. I would probably go again to try other flavors though I won't be holding much expectations on the food quality or any "wow" factor. But I would love to try out their Platypus Kitchen anytime soon!

Platypus Test Kitchen

24 Raffles Place
#02-02 Clifford Centre
Singapore 048621

Tel: (65) 8112 1194

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 1030 - 2100 hours


  1. Didn't know there is such a place at Raffles Place. I find the price a bit pricey for the portion that is served in your picture but maybe due to the high rental cost in CBD.

    1. I was surprised too! Anyway, nothing is expected to cheap in CBD! Haha