Monday, 30 September 2013

Homemade - Omelette Wrap

Decided to whip something up for my breakfast, and came up with this idea of omelette wrap.

I raked out whatever I can find from fridge, and had the following.

2 pieces of Bread (not from fridge)
2 Whole Eggs
1 Apple
Remaining pack of Mozzarella Cheese

Beat the eggs, toast the bread and cut to small pieces, and sliced the apple too. Please note I have immersed the apples with salt water for a short while to prevent the color of the apple to deteriorate to yellow.

First, butter your pan to prevent the power of sticking effect, and pour in your beaten eggs over pan at low heat. Once the sides are forming, put in the cheese first, followed by apple cubes, and chunks of bread.

Have the cheese placed all over the egg, so that my apple and bread will stick to the cheese, and not fall apart while wrapping at the later part.

Wait for a few more minutes, and you are ready to fold the egg at the base into half. There... you are ready to serve!

I had it cut into smaller slices, and man... I think it looks like pizza :P Pizza breakie, maybe?

Seems yummy eh? And seriously, I think my tastebuds are in unison with me!

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Thoughts - Gusto Italiano Workshop, by Chef Garbriele Piegaia

I was one of the many lucky ones to attend the "Flavours of Italy Culinary Workshop", held at ToTT!

The workshop was a pretty simple one, where chef will demonstrate two dishes, serve and answer questions from the attendees. 

One of the dish was Paccheri Al Nero Di Seppia, also known as Paccheri with squid ink. It may not look appetizing due to its black ink, but it successfully defied my initial thought. It tastes pretty buttery, and does not have any weird taste even though its squid ink. I quite like the idea of using paccheri as it resembles sliced squid meat.

Recipe for Paccheri with squid ink, provided during the workshop.

Another dish was Trippa Alla Burlamacco, also known as Beef Tripe stewed in fresh tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, parsley.

It's another yummy dish, which has much more appeal than the previous dish. The troublesome part of this dish is the boiling and rinsing of the beef tripe (stomach) for 5 times, each lasting an hour! But I would say, worth the time :) Beef tripe boiled till soft, and tomato sauce is not that overempowering. Couldn't stop to ask for more!

Recipe for Beef Tripe stewed in tomato sauce, provided during the workshop.

Below are served and presented nicely on the chef table.

It was an experiential workshop, tasting authentic Italian cuisine, and learning the cooking style of the Italians too :) It seems that they are a fan of butter and olive oil, in terms of cooking. But for the result of the food, I wouldn't reject the idea of it :P

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Located in Marriott Hotel itself, I went to try its Dimsum Buffet. I reserved the second seating which is at 1315 hours. It seems like there is only an hour plus to order food before its kitchen accept last ordering before closing.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

T.A.B. - Mini Exhibition in Bugis+ (18 August 2013)

I was in Bugis+ some time back, and chanced upon this mini exhibition. Not really sure of the theme, but some of the stuff really do interests me! Seeing this does stop my footsteps from walking past it, stop my thoughts from wandering away...

But what didn't stopped me, was taking out my camera to snap some shots :D

Surrounding the above "road" sign, are various letterboxes of different sizes and patterns.. Perhaps different eras?

There is also this big bear at one corner, which might be actually a few heads taller than the height of an average person. Need a hug? This bear can actually response to you, but by donating your hug to him first :)

Another display that occupies almost half of my time there are these four tables clustered together. It contains items such as the country erasers, notebooks filled with scribbles that you will find it so familiar!! Itchy hands? You might want to pen on it too, for free!

This spectacle related what I thought during my secondary school years.. Boooooring!!!! Who doesn't think this way when sitted at your table and looking aimlessly at the whiteboard while your teacher is "nagging" away? Haha.

Very interesting exhibit I love to hang around whole day if its like a major scale type :P

Monday, 16 September 2013

NeLi's Ice Cream

An ice cream shop which I have never paid attention to caught me while I was waiting for my friend. Wondering how special NeLi's ice cream would be, I made it a point to vist them later!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Doutor Coffee

Nothing beats having your breakfast to get your brand new day kicking off!

After some temptation, decided to give Doutor Coffee a try, which is just at the lobby of my office tower...

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Nook - House of Pancakes

All-day pancakes anyone? Rather than making your kitchen messy from the mixes, or eating the same old hotcakes from "M", Nook provides the first DIY pancake house in Singapore! Woah, another food-customizable place to be in your list now!

Ever told graffiti is banned? You might want to read on, and probably might interest you :) 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cafe Pal

Looking for Thai food, and also craving for bubble tea? If you are in bugis area, you are saved from going two separate places!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Provence Bakery & Cafe

I get to know Provence when I was previously working in ION Shopping Mall. It is a Japanese-owned Bakery, which focus on creation and quality.